Question of the day.

Do you have an attic, basement or cellar?

My answer:

We have a cellar, though we usually call it laundry room because there is a washing machine, an iron and other stuff, but we also have a freezer there. It isn’t actually like most cellars that I’ve been to, it’s quite cosy and I like to be there with my Mum and chat with her when she’s doing something there. We used to regularly drink whisky there at weekends, now we don’t do that very often though. Misha likes to go there too and it’s a very intriguing place for him. It’s near the staircase and you can go straight to the garrage from there as well as to the boiler and my Dad’s smokehouse. We also have a shower in the cellar so when you come home and are really dirty and sweaty like I usually am after horse riding you can come inn through the cellar and have a shower on the way instead of taking all the dirt and smell with you inside, and we can just use it as a second bathroom which can be sometimes very useful when everyone is hurrying up to go somewhere at the same time as it often happens in families.

In our previous house in the countryside, we used to have both a basement and an attic shared with our grandparents, which you entered from the backyard, I liked that attic a lot, I generally seem to like attics for some reason, although that one was always very dusty, but somehow atmospheric. Also we had a small attic of our own, at first only my parents had their room there, then there was also Zofijka’s room added, but when Zofijka grew a little she turned out to be too nosey and sociable to be able to live and play upstairs while all the life was going on downstairs without her knowledge. So we changed rooms and she got my room downstairs which was way too big for me and I was very happy to take Zofijka’s small but beautiful room on the attic. I really liked it and this way our rooms suited us much better. Now we don’t have an attic though, and I think that’s a pity. ๐Ÿ™‚

How about you? ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I live in an apartment so I don’t have any of those things. When I was growing up, our house had a basement which was fine except there tended to be spiders and other assorted critters much more so than upstairs.

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