Question of the day.

Do you ever talk to yourself?

My answer:

Of course I do! As one of my acquaintances once said: “It’s good to talk to yourself because then you can be sure that you are talking with an intelligent person”. šŸ˜€ I can only agree, plus it’s just very interesting, you can come to some very interesting conclusions while talking to yourself, and of course improve your language skills. It sometimes happens that I’m alone for the whole day or so, so then I at least talk to myself (or Misha) to make sure that next time I’ll have to talk to someone I’ll still know how to speak and my vocal cords won’t get too rusty. I’ve once read a story years ago about a monk who was an anchor living on the desert, not having contact with people at all, though it seemed more because of pride and haughtiness than being so very devout, anyway after all those years when he finally did meet another human being he as unable to speak because he simply didn’t know any longer how to do it. Don’t know if it’s inded possible, but it sounds likely so I’d rather avoid it myself, communication is already enough of a struggle for me. šŸ˜€ alking to yourself is also less stressful than talking to other people, and well just fun. What I really really really dislike though and can’t understand, and it just drives me crazy, is the connection people make between talking to yourself and being either mentally ill, or even delayed in intellectual development or something. I just DON’T get it! What does it have in common? I can appreciate that maybe sometimes when you’re delusional you make an impression on healthy people that you talk to yourself, or when for any other reason you don’t have full touch with reality, but lots of people seem to assume that anyone who talks to themselves is mentally ill. I know that nowadays it’s more of a joke for many people, like: “Oh, I’m talking to myself, I must be mental”, but while I’m all for handling things with humour and distance to oneself and the world, I think this can lead to many misunderstandings and it’s a very strange view completely lacking flexibility. I guess lots of people talk to themselves: extroverts – who are always happy to chat and can’t stop even when there’s no one to listen, as well as introverts, who, like me, often even prefer talking to themselves than to others and sometimes might find it helpful to make sense of what’s in their brains. Are they all freaks? On the other hand though, well since I live with mental illness myself maybe there is something true to it but I am just biased. šŸ˜€ Do you have any thoughts on this issue?

Anyways, I find talking to myself a highly useful and enjoyable activity, particularly when it comes to talking in other languages, since in my surroundings it’s quite hard to find anyone that would be willing to talk in Swedish for example. šŸ˜€

So how about you? Why do you do it, if you do? šŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. HA HA! I completely agree. I’m not sure what the link is between talking to yourself and being mentally ill! I talk to myself all the time, but it’s just my fun way of having an inner dialogue going, based on whatever’s on my mind at the time. Like, “Huh. Should I stop for gas now, or on the way back from the store?” And then I’ll say, “Hmm… I’ll keep going. The gas station is better accessed from the other direction.” You raise an interesting question, though. I’ve never even thought about it, but it’s intriguing!!

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  2. I suspect most people talk to themselves at least sometimes. I’ve seen plenty of psychotic people talking to themselves, but generally what they’re actually doing is talking to their auditory hallucinations, so it sounds quite a bit different than someone talking to themselves in a “normal” way.

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    1. That’s what I think as well, that most of us talk to ourselves more or less often, the more weird it is that people seem to have such a weird view on it very often. I’ve never seen anyone having a psychotic episode but that’s how I’ve thought it must be, that because they don’t really talk to themselves it’s a different kind of talk.

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  3. When I was a teenager, I went about two years without talking. When I finally went to speak again it was physically difficult, as if I had laryngitis or something. So that happens. But sometimes I will go a day or two without speaking and have no problem speaking afterwards. I never thought about it before, but it just occurred to me that maybe most people don’t go a day in their life without making some sort of vocalization.

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    1. Oh it had to be for sure a very hard experience to not be able to speak. Sometimes when I feel overloaded with feelings or other things I find it hard to speak which I always find very weird but it has never lasted significantly long. And yes you’re definitely right, for most people it must be a bit of an abstraction to go on for days without using your voice at all. Even me, although I’m not very talkative around others usually and it’s not a problem for me to be silent for longer times and not talk to anyone, I think if I had to stay completely silent for a day or longer it would start to feel very awkward, the more that being blind I don’t have as much access to non verbal communication as other people usually do.

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