5 Names Rules to Ignore

I think this is a very useful post, so again I’m reblogging for those of you who don’t follow TulipByAnyName but might be interested. 😀
And what do you guys think about those naming rules Meagan writes about? Let me (or her) know in the comments. 🙂
As for me, I mostly agree that all of them we can happily ignore, although, probably because I live in Poland, I’m generally much more cautious with unisex/gender bending names. Not that I’m against them, as many names indeed do work for both genders well and interestingly can even have a completely different vibe on either gender in my opinion, but I always just prefer to be cautious with this thing.
Also if it was me naming my own baby, I would definitely try to avoid naming my child the same as someone else whom I’m close to did. But it’s more because I just like to be different than because I think it’s inapropriate or others shouldn’t do it or something. Though maybe if someone stole my most favourite name I could consider breaking this rule, hard to say.

2 thoughts on “5 Names Rules to Ignore”

  1. Huh. Speaking of Stephanie and Stephen, when I was in high school, I knew two sisters named Megan and Margaret. They went by Megan and Margot. But I always wondered, what if they’d chosen to go by Meg and Meg? The thought always made me smile, though. Or, like, what if you named your daughters Jennifer and Virginia, and they went by Jenny and Ginny? 😀

    I don’t care for gender-neutral names. I prefer a name where you can tell with certainty the person’s gender by the name. But on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, she gets the job by sending her resume to Colorado Springs, and they think she’s a man. (Her first name’s Michaela.) So they ask Horace how he could’ve made such a mistake (because they wanted a male doctor), and he said, “I just ignored the initial,” I guess thinking her name was Michael A. Quinn.

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