Question of the day.

What are you planning on doing today? Are you planning on doing anything exciting this week?

My answer:

To be honest, I don’t have any particular plans for today at all. I was going to go to my allergist in the evening, because of the bronchitis, but finally yesterday I decided not to go, because I came to the conclusion that over the weekend it got much better and it looks like it’s going to finish completely very soon, so I don’t think he’d tell me anything I don’t know already. It usually lasts way longer so that’s a good thing. But no, other than that I have no plans. yesterday Mum did cupping for me (cupping is such a form of alternative medical therapy in case you don’t know) and if you’re ill and had cupping you can’t go out for a day or so to not get things worse, so I won’t be going anywhere either. Also I’m not really into planning anything, the day started quite OK for me but then I got very low and I still am, feeling absolutely rubbish, I don’t really know what’s up, maybe PMS or something, i really have no idea what it could be, other than that I was talking with someone earlier today and I found it rather disturbing and hurtful, I don’t want to go into details now, but I think it had the potential to sort of set me off, though I guess not as much as I actually am, so I suspect there is either something more to it that I don’t realise or I’m just overreacting to everything as I usually seem to do.

And as for my plans for the week, I guess so far I don’t have any particular plans either, I’ve been leading a very uneventful life since my bronchitis has started though I don’t mind it, I’m quite happy with it if I’m honest after all the holidays and stuff, I think though that we might go to my grandparents and/or to my other gran during the weekend as it is Grandmother’s Day and Grandfather’s Day here at the beginning of next week, I’m pretty sure my family will go so it depends if I’ll be healthy enough to go with them too, but I think I should be until then. But I certainly can’t see anything that I could call exciting on the horizon, and I guess in this case it doesn’t have anything to do with my visual impairment. 😀

How about you? How are you doing in general? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Cupping? Sounds interesting! I have no clue what it is!

    Grandparents’ Day sounds fun!! I’m so glad they have a day! I don’t think we celebrate that here in the US, but we should!!

    My period is starting today too. AARGH!! Menstrual cycles bite!!

    I’m doing pretty good in general!! I’ll drink to a happy week!!

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    1. I guess cupping is pretty uncommon in the US. It comes from Asia, and very basically you use special glass or gum cups to do it. You place them on the skin so that the suction is created and then the person to whom you do cupping needs to lie with those cups for like 10 minutes and after that you remove them. It is said to help with blood circulation, improving your connective tissue or creating new vessels, relieve pain or tension and such.
      Haha yes I also think it’s a nice tradition, we even have separate days for those two occasions. 😀
      Well other than my crappy mood so far I don’t see any other signs of aunt Ruby or Flo coming, it’s just my assumption, but she definitely sucks either way.
      I’m very glad to hear you’re doing good. 🙂

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