Song of the day (30th December – Enya – “Journey Of The Angels”.

OK, time to catch up on some music. 🙂 There is so much great Christmas music out there, and since it’s still Christmas season, and will be until 2nd February, I will throw in some Christmas songs/carols once in a while, and because I love Enya so much, and she has so much great Christmas or simply winter themed music, this winter I’m going to focus particularly on her music when it comes to my Christmas favourites. Hope you’ll find them enjoyable as well. Also I must say that at times like these, when I feel particularly anxious, and can’t do much about it, I find Enya’s music very helpful and soothing. So here’s the beautiful Christmas song, or maybe carol actually, called “Journey Of The Angels”. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Song of the day (30th December – Enya – “Journey Of The Angels”.”

  1. I love Enya’s songs too! May I ask, what is it about February 2 that marks it the end of Christmas season. IN the Netherlands, we consider Epiphany or Three Kings as we call it, on January 6 the end of the Christmas season.

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    1. Ohh that’s great you love Enya too. 🙂 Formally, in Poland Christmas season also lasts until Three Kings, but traditionally it’s a common thing for people to still have Christmas trees at homes and, especially, sing Christmas carols, until February 2nd, just to be able to enjoy Christmas for longer. In the church it’s Candlemas.

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