Question of the day (16th December).

So I’m still behind with the question I should’ve asked you yesterday guys, which is:

How much Christmas shopping do you have left to do?

My answer:

Nothing! I’ve just done everything today. I’ve already written about most of my shopping and today after therapy I went with Mum to a nearby shop, because the only person I didn’t have a present for was my Mum, and she chose a vinyl for herself, because she’s going to get a radio with gramophone from Dad. There were lots of vinyls. Personally I rather dislike vinyls because they often have such a rubbishy quality (of sound, I mean) which just puts me off and simply the type of music that is usually released on vinyls isn’t my style usually, but I’ve heard they’re quite trendy, but I didn’t know that it’s that much. There were two full boxes of vinyls and Mum just stood there for like 20 minutes skimming through them. Not that there was a lot of interesting things even for my Mum, just really really many and she didn’t want to miss something that would be really interesting. And so the only shopping I had to do were presents, I don’t have to make any food myself or buy it since we live all together as a family. I thought I might buy a package of some sweets and other snacks on Scrummy as I did a couple times this year – Scrummy is that Polish online shop with foreign snacks – and it was actually Zofijka’s idea since she really liked it, and I had nothing against, but after thinking it through and consulting with Mum I thought it’s not necessary at this moment, we’ll be having plenty of other, more Christmassy things to eat which can expire much earlier and there would be just too much food, too much shopping, and way too much spending money hahaha. ‘Cause that Scrummy is actually quite pricy, I mean maybe not very very pricy but pricy enough that it makes you think twice before you buy some more stuff there and if you don’t buy much, the shipping is still quite pricy and it all really takes them a lot of time, to process your order and stuff, so although the snacks are definitely yummy, they’re not worth that much especially when you’re just stuffed with food at Christmas. So yeah, that means all the shopping is done for me.

How about yours? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Question of the day (16th December).”

    1. Oh really? That’s a bit surprising when you see all those people rushing between shops like crazy, that some people may still have their shopping to do, even we who are rather late with this are mostly done, but you still have time unless you have to do some really big shopping.


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