Question of the day.

Is there a film that’s left an impact on you in some way or form?

My answer:

Guess not, or can’t think of any, I’m certainly not a movie expert. Well I guess everything we see or have contact with impacts us in some way, but I don’t think a film has ever impacted me significantly. I loved watching “Rännstensungar” (Guttersnipes) because of Vreeswijk, as probably all of you already know, and I loved “The Six Bullerby Children” when I was a small child because I fell in love with the Swedish language watching it. Other than that I guess the only films that affect me more significantly are such that contain something that is anxiety provoking for me like people vomiting for example. I can read books in which it happens, if it’s not too graphic, but I still can’t stand it in a film without feeling shaky and sick or having to leave the room, I can’t understand why it always has to be so visible and audible and obvious in films, or maybe I’m just overly sensitive in this particular topic. When I accidentally happen to watch such films or be around when someone is watching I am just happy I can’t see.

How about you? 🙂

17 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Doctor Zhivago. When Harry Met Sally. An Officer and a Gentleman. Others have, but more for funny lines and such, not for touching my heart like those three. There may be more, but those are the ones I first think of.

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      1. So. I just realized that since you are in Poland and since the subject matter of that movie was about WWII, it might have been insensitive to mention that one. I don’t really know European history so I’m not entirely sure, but if it was wrong, sorry. It still was actually the only movie that has ever really impacted me, though.

        I saw it when I was young and didn’t understand the gravity of such far away, long ago things until watching that movie. It was packed full of so many things I hadn’t ever thought about. The thing that really got me was that it really painted the human spirit in such an extraordinary way, especially with the father making his son think it was all a game, in order to protect him from the negative emotional aspects like fear and despair.

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    1. That’s OK, you didn’t write anything insensitive and anyway I didn’t feel it this way. Poland was hugely impacted by both wars but it didn’t have any more personal affect on me so, yeah, no issues. 🙂 And movies/books that evolve around this topic can be indeed very touching/affecting so even though I haven’t watched it, I guess I can get you with this.

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  2. It might sound weird, but The Truman Show… After watching that movie, I’ve been on the lookout for odd signs that I might be starring in such a show. And just in case, I’ve appologized a couple of times to eventual watchers, because they would be bored out of their mind! LOL

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      1. To make a long story short, it is the story of a guy who is the star of a major reality show since his birth. All his family, friends and co-workers are around the clock actors that are just “playing” in his life… As the movie goes on, he finds out that he has been living a made up lie, just for the sake of entertaining the public!

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  3. Hmmm….. The Neverending Story. Whenever I need confidence or inner strength–to believe in myself–I watch it. I must’ve seen it a million bagillion times as a kid, but I haven’t seen it lately, not in years, but it’s had a lifelong impact.

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  4. I never saw The Trueman Show, but I can totally relate to Cyranny’s feelings when I first heard of it. The f. Eeling of being somehow unreal isn’t strange to me anyway, as in depersonalization/derealization.

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