Question of the day.

What was the first book you read?

My answer:

The first small book I read was “God And Mouse” by Angela Toigo. When my class had just learnt the whole alphabet we had an outing to the library and we were showed around and stuff and at the end everyone of us drew one of the small children’s books to read during the week. I drew “God And Mouse”, and it was like very small. I didn’t actually enjoy it that much, I found it rather boring, but I finished it in one day straight after school and I remember everyone being so very surprised. πŸ˜€ Probably because the rest of my class didn’t even start theirs yet hahaha. But I loved reading and could read relatively fast so that wasn’t much of a problem for me despite the book was boring, the problem was I wanted something more interesting to read. πŸ˜€ But that wasn’t that very important. The first book I read that I count as first, and that was really a book and something I did enjoy, was “The Six Bullerby Children” by Astrid Lindgren, which is what first made me love Sweden and Swedish language and Swedes. My Mum read this book to me countless times before I even started to learn to read so I already knew some parts of it by heart and I loved it, but I really really wanted to read it myself. It was more difficult as this is a bigger book, and took me much more time, but I really enjoyed it a lot. And since then I reread it many times, the last time was when it was a compulsory reading for Zofijka, and Zofijka is much less keen on reading than I was at her age, and was moaning how she doesn’t want to read it and doing nothing about it, so finally, not wanting to hear her whining anymore I just got pissed off and read it to her. Maybe not very pedagogical thing to do but I am not a teacher nor a parent and am not going to be either as long as it is up to me haha so I don’t really care, and we both had fun, and at least she managed to “read” it on time.

How about you? Did you enjoy it? πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I like the idea of the readers drawing lots to get their new library books – avoids them choosing one which is too easy or too hard for them and shows them what a lot of books there are in the library. Also there’s the opportunity to discuss with friends/classmates and share.

    I think my first book that I was aware was a book was a Beatrix Potter book – Squirrel Nutkin or Cecily Parsley Tales.

    Six Bullerby Children I had discovered after I wanted more Astrid Lindgren as I had read two of the Pippi books – Pippi goes abroad and Pippi in the South Seas.

    I will always remember that book because it taught me that some babies and kids like soft and kind voices. I like soft voices too.

    And, yes, The Night Before Christmas! I really only know “Not a creature was stirring/Not even a mouse” and what happened after they went to bed.

    Another thing which makes me love Sweden at the moment is 15-year-old Greta and her sitting at Swedish Parliament every Friday – or at least at her Member of Parliament’s office – against climate change.

    She has inspired a lot of students and environmentalists around the world.

    And on this last day in November, students are on a strike from school to Parliament.

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    1. Yeah, I also think the idea of drawing lots for library books is fun and quite clever especially for children. Pippi books are brilliant. My Zofijka had it the other way around, after I read “Six Bullerby Children” to her, she started to really like Astrid Lindgren books and she’s also read Pippi, and some other books by Lindgren too. Yes, it such a very characteristic and I think overall very praiseworthy thing that Swedes are so very caring and mindful about environment, both their own and worldwide, and also that they let children and young people engage in things that many other people would just say are not for them. And they are so good in explaining even very difficult things, in an easy and not complicated way, so that even children can understand it.


  2. According to an inscription on an old book in my house, the first book I ever read independently was “Amanda Pig and Her Big Brother Oliver” by Jean Van Leeuwen. I remember really liking it, and I think I read multiple books in the series, by myself and with my mother. Cool question! I had to take a moment to come up with my answer. πŸ™‚

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