Question of the day.

What’s on the top of your ‘make life easier’ list?

My answer:

A new Braille-Sense. My current one, as I’ve mentioned a couple times before, is 11 years old, as much as Zofijka, and is gradually falling apart. 😀

How about you? 🙂

9 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Did you know you can make a Christmas wish list on Amazon? You should make one and put that on it! Then send the list to your parents! 😉 I need to start my list this year! Fun!!

    Hmm…. what would make life easier… I need a sound system. I like to listen to music lately, and I have to use these headphones that have a bunched up cord that I can barely stretch out to length from my computer. AARGH!

    Ooh! Now I’m motivated to start my Amazon wish list! 😀

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    1. Haha, that’s interesting, I didn’t know you can make it on Amazon. I’m afraid though that my parents won’t be able to help in this case, I just need to get the funding, as it is a pretty costly stuff, and I can’t apply earlier than next year. A sound system sounds like a very good idea if you listen to a lot of music, I do too and can’t imagine my life without good quality headphones, speakers and stuff.

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      1. Me?! Does it mean you want me to do the brain transplant for you?! Well, that’s, hmm, risky, but of course I can add you to the list and let’s hope God saves both you and Ashley and I won’t have to spend the rest of my life in prison tormented by my conscience. 😀 Or that I’ll get the optic nerve transplant before I start fiddling with your brains… The other thing is though, I wonder what kind of creature’s brain you’d have to get to avoid any hormonal issues hahahaha.

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