Fay Wildhagen – “Leave Me To The Moon”.

I chose this song very spontaneously and didn’t plan to share it with you before like yesterday but since this series is all about the music I like and that makes some sort of positive impression to me, I think I have to share it with you, too, and I am very curious what your impressions will be like, whether even a bit similar to mine.

You see, I’ve been exploring a lot of Norwegian music lately. but I’ve known about this girl – Fay Wildhagen (Fay pronounced as FIE, not FAY, if you’re interested) since about last winter. Honestly, I didn’t like her too much, if at all. No I didn’t hate her music, but there was something about it, something in her style, that always turned me off and made me frown a bit. I think I didn’t particularly like her voice, it’s very characteristic and actually hard to define. I recently stumbled upon a POLISH (!) blogger, who liked one of the songs from her new album, and he described her way of singing as a “scared vibrato”, which, although I do like her now, I find very accurate, because she does sound a little bit as if she was frightened, or very emotional.

I love expressive music, sometimes very expressive and emotional, but, there is that fine line between being expressive and overexpressive, when you sound like a broken-hearted emo, don’t you think? πŸ˜€ And I am not a big fan of overly expressive, overly sentimental music, with overemotional style overall. There seem to be so many singers like this lately – if you want an example, look at Moa Lignell, she’s Swedish, has a beautiful voice, but is oh so very very sad and emotional and like on the verge of tears all the time, which… just doesn’t speak to me. Too much is unhealthy, isn’t it? Or maybe it’s me who has some issues with expression, that’s likely too.

So, I perceived Fay as someone from the same category as Moa and others, OK maybe with a bit more intriguing lyrics.

Until this week. This week, one of my multiple life partners, with whom I have a full-blown love-hate relationship, named Spotify, announced to me that in September, when I was separated from the virtual world, Fay Wildhagen, after two years break released her new album “Borders”. Spotify doesn’t care if I like Ms. Wildhagen or not, according to it if I listen to music that it classifies as similar, I might become interested anytime. Very good logic, I must admit. πŸ˜€

For some weird reason, I did look at this album, I played it and… well, no, I wasn’t suddenly stunned or anything, I was very intrigued. And although it’s not your average, catchy album full of nice earworms which you could listen to sipping on your morning coffee, cleaning the house or riding in the car, and thinking about everything at once, at least I don’t think it’s like this, somehow it just stuck in my head like a typical earworm.

Maybe it’s that it is actually very different from the last album, though at the same time it’s similar, maybe it’s that I just grew up to it or something, anyway, I listened to it again, and this time – yes – I was stunned. Intrigued, fascinated, fully absorbed, shocked, whatever…

Fay’s previous album is much more acoustic, this one is very electronic, but very well produced, if I am to judge such things, by Fay herself. According to her website, after recording her first album, she got strong arthritis that made it impossible for her to play guitar, and so she focused on learning about music production, travelling and writing lyrics for a new album, until she was able to record it.

I do like bothh acoustic and minimalistic as well as very electronic music, but there is something in the rich sounds of this album that makes me easily find my way through it, that speaks to me and makes me feel at home among all those harmonies.

And I grew to like Fay’s voice, too. I just don’t know how I could think she’s just one of those young, hypersensitive emo girls. πŸ˜€

I discovered her album I guess on Tuesday, and I still relish it, slowly, so that I don’t get bored too quickly hahahaha, and each time I discover something new in it, focus on something different. I still don’t particularly feel that first album of hers, I mean I do like it now but just don’t feel it as much. But yeah, anyway, this is my discovery of the month, or maybe even the year hahaaha.

Then there was a dilemma which song I should choose to show you, but finally I decided on the one which I heard as first, called “Leave Me To The Moon”. I’m really curious about your impressions. πŸ˜€

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