Question of the day.

What’s your favourite comfort viewing and what would you chose to snack on and sip whilst watching?

My answer:

Well, I don’t really have a lot of comfort viewings. I could say “Rännstensungar”, (“Guttersnipes”), that film with Vreeswijk, or any other film with Vreeswijk playing even in one scene, as we’re at it, 😀 but I mentioned it so many times it’s boring even for me hahahaha. I mean saying this, not the film. 😀 I So other than that I like to watch some British films or series or shows on BBC, which I usually, well, always, do with my Mum, we watch stuff like “Happy Valley” for example, or some programmes about houses or interior design made in Britain. Also for linguistic purposes sometimes I like to watch some Welsh series on S4C, but it’s not much lately. Oh well I guess I’ve talked about all of this before too! 😓 I’m definitely not a movie expert or binge watcher though haha. OK, another thing I like to watch is any not too boring movie in some rarely heard language, be it Danish, Czech, Hungarian, Flemish or Estonian, not necessarily one of my most favourites, but of course films in my favourite languages are always great. And snacks? Some salty or spicy things. Like crisps, peanuts, pistachios, nachos, krackers, sometimes popcorn. In the past I often had a drink, like whisky, or whisky with Pepsi, or hot tea with lemon, honey and a tiny little bit of whisky at winter, particularly at times when we didn’t have the heating in our old house hahaha, but nowadays it’s not my routine while watching or anything, but I like to drink Pepsi or orange juice if there is any, particularly if it’s my Mum’s home made orange juice.

You? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I love those home shows too! Well, the American versions! 😀 I also love juice and popcorn!!

    My favorite relaxing shows are Frasier and The Golden Girls. Unfortunately, the station that airs them (the Hallmark Channel) keeps showing Christmas movies!! AARGH.

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