Question of the day.

When did you last take a gamble with anything?

My answer:

A gamble? Hm, can’t remember anything particular that would happen lately. I am not much of a risktaker generally so I don’t think I do it very often. One spectacular thing that I do remember now was when I was I guess a tween or in my early teens or something, in the boarding school, and my Mum has just bought me access to the Internet on my phone. The thing was I didn’t seem to be fully aware of how actually Internet, or rather its limits, work on a mobile phone. I was playing with it for an entire evening, hanging around in the Internet, and even downloading some rubbishy stuff, small things, but big enough for my Internet limit, and to make the phone company rub their hands. I remember that when I finally went to sleep, I just quickly closed the phone and didn’t even close the page I was on, I guess something was still downloading as far as I can remember.

Then I woke up next day in the morning, happily went to school – we didn’t take our phones to school and mornings were way too busy to do any calls or text anyone or do anything with your phone so I’m pretty sure I just left it the way it was in my room, with that webpage still open – and came back in the afternoon. I checked my phone and I had quite a few calls from my Mum, plus one from some number I didn’t know, who left me a voice message. I remember that it left me a little confused because it turned out to be a guy from my phone company, and it were always my parents who handled all that phone stuff, quite obviously I suppose, so I’d rather think they should contact them and not me. Anyway, all that I could deduce from that guy’s mumbling was that he asked me to get in touch with him. I thought maybe my Mum would know something more, maybe it was some sort of mistake or whatever.

SO I called her and found out that she is in a great distress, we actually couldn’t even communicate properly for a while because we didn’t understand what one another actually is talking about and wants. But finally from all that mess it became frighteningly and crystal clear to me that I just did an incredibly scary and risky, but also ridiculous thing, so much so that now we all laugh when we are talking about it, but back then it wasn’t fun. My parents just got a phone bill for around 250 euro!!! Or I guess it would be that much in euros, don’t remember that exact amount and am not the best at converting all that stuff haha. ANyway, that was scary and for a while I just thought it’s some sort of a joke, but it definitely didn’t look like one! πŸ˜“ Poor my Dad, I was afraid he’ll never get over it, both for the sake of myself and him ( πŸ˜€ ). It was also hard for me to get why did it actually happen haha.

So yeah, that was scary. And what was even more horrific for me was that just a couple of weeks or so before, my Dad finally promised to buy me something I really wanted and dreamt about and stuff, and now of course it wasn’t an option, because, first (and foremost πŸ˜› ) he was raging, and second, all those money he could spend on that thing, as well as some more, went on to my phone bill. πŸ˜€ I was defeated, by myself.

There were no other consequences for me than my Dad being mad, my Mum being frustrated, and my Internet settings being changed so that I wouldn’t be able to do more than my limit would allow, which was a relief for me too as I was freaking out I could have accidentally make another gamble like this, oh, and my family and school friends making quite a lot of sarcastic comments about that incident, for a long time, hahaha. So with time it has become luckily just a memory. And, funnily enough, I did finally get the thing I wanted so much at the time, later on, but for free. So sometimes gambles really pay off, don’t they? πŸ˜›

How about you? πŸ™‚

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