Question of the day.

Today is a good day for…

My answer:

Changes. Well, for me there’s never a good time for changes, but sometimes you just have to make some, especially if they are supposed to help, so it’s better to do it on a day that is good for changes, than one that is worse. The major change in my and my family’s life that just happened today is that Sasha is gone. You see, he’d had a lot of stress living here with us, it wasn’t just Misha who was having trouble adjusting. It turned out that was the reason of his constant pooing everywhere besides his litterbox, and some other behaviours, despite that overall he was the most cheerful and outgoing, snuggly and purry kitten you could’ve ever met. He was stressed because Misha was constantly observing him, and rejecting him whenever he wanted to play. And there couldn’t be a more different cat from Sasha than Misha. Plus, even the start of this whole adventure was wrong, because my Mum courageously decided to let Sasha meet Misha on the first day of his stay with us, despite the breeder said otherwise, I was telling her to wait, and despite it’s normal that cats are separated from each other at the beginning and then slowly introduced. She thought Misha is so quiet that he surely won’t be aggressive or anything. Maybe he wasn’t, but it’s not only about aggressiveness.

Unfortunately, my Mum is often very impulsive, even the decision of taking another cat was very impulsive, before we took Sasha, as you may know from my earlier posts, she was changing her mind every day or so as for whether to take another cat, a dog, or nothing. We were all making jokes about her and her changeability, though she didn’t seem to care. Now she really regrets her decisions, though it can’t help Sasha, so after trying to somehow improve things better, we decided to find a new home for him.

The critical point was yesterday when in the morning he was looking very sick, barely moving or anything, not eating, not drinking, not purring.

Mum took him to the vet and he said all is OK, so it has to be huge stress. They decided to take advantage of the situation that he hasn’t eaten and sterilise him, so that his new carer wouldn’t have to worry about it. And another Russian blues’ breeder whom my Mum knows very well, not the one from whom we have Misha and Sasha, she offered Mum to help find a new carer, and today a family came to us and just a while ago took him with them. I wasn’t able to be there and even say goodbye to him, I didn’t see those people, but my Mum says they’re really nice, that it seemed to be an artistic family. Apparently the woman writes books for children about cats, and the girl – for whom Sasha was bought – is in art college, and made a particularly nice impression on Mum. And apparently she’s Gemini! (just like Sasha, and just like Zofijka, who seemed to be Sasha’s soulmate from the very first day, so hopefully he’ll find another one in this girl, though my Mum described her as very calm, or something like that, which neither Sasha, nor the more Zofijka, isn’t). Mum said that they were absolutely amazed with Sasha and loved him immediately, and his neverending purrs. Apparently when they were leaving, Sasha was looking at Mum with such confusion. We all feel very sad right now. My Mum was utterly stressed out yesterday and I could hear her a couple times crying in the laundry where Sasha was lying sick, and poor Zofijka was sobbing a lot, now she’s calmer, because she has to have maths, ew! But I can’t cry. I would really like to, but I can’t. That’s quite normal for me though. I just miss him so much. I’ve always been much more attached to Misha, and getting along with him much better, I often felt very annoyed with sasha and his baby-like behaviours, but I loved him. I still do so much! And he is so different from Misha. It makes me feel so sad when I think that I’ll never ever hear those loud purrs anymore, Misha barely purrs, and his purrs seem to be more for himself, to soothe him and calm him down, rather than a result of contentment or feeling of pleasure, because Misha tends to purr when he’s anxious, and it is a very silent purr. Isn’t that weird, by the way? It was a cause of misunderstanding between him and us, particularly Zofijka, for a long time, because how can he not like something, or not feel OK when he purrs? But it was visible that he wasn’t OK at those moments, and one day I read somewhere that some cats just always purr very silently, and some tend to purr when they’re distressed.

We had our special plays with Sasha, for example when I lied in bed and moved my feet under the cover, he always jumped at the bed and tried to catch them, and then patted them gently or sometimes scratched a bit, as if he tried to tickle me haha. Then he always lied down on my feet, when he got tired, and before he did it, he always had to make a nice little den for himself on the blanket, and kneated it and my feet with his little paws. I’ve never had a better feet massage hahaha. It makes me feel so sad that I’ll never be able to play with him again. Misha is too serious for playing, mostly.

But at the same time we’re very happy because finally Sasha got a chance for a new, happy life, where he won’t be stressed and rejected, where he will have plenty of love and affection and cuddles and won’t have to compete with any other cat. Those people have a dog, but a dog is a different thing than another cat, plus IT is apparently mostly outside. I am really looking forward to hearing some news as for how Sasha is settling in. It feels so empty without him, even though there is Zofijka (who always makes an impression as if any place she’s in was full of uproarious, hyperactive children 😀 ), my Mum, and Zofijka’s math tutor, and Misha sleeping in Zofijka’s room. But when you get used to someone, it always feels empty when they’re not where they should be, doesn’t it?

OK, so how about you? What is a good day today for in your opinion? And did you have any changes in your life today? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. That’s sad that it didn’t work out with Sasha, but it sounds like it was the right decision.
    For me, it’s a day for comfort food. It’s rainy and dreary out, and I’ve got a butternut squash stew bubbling away on the stove.

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