But where is Sasha?


This is Misha. I am sort of confused today. I just woke up. I slept a couple of hours on Zofijka’s wardrobe. I went downstairs to eat and check how everything is going and what the peeps and Sasha are doing, and I can’t find Sasha. I hhrrrued and walked around looking for him everywhere, but he doesn’t seem to be here. Maybe he escaped, as I did in the past? Zofijka said he has a new home, but I am not sure how I should understand it. I don’t even know how i feel about it. In a way I feel anxious, because I always want to be in control of everything here, it’s my house so I think I have the right to be, and now I don’t know where he’s gone. Maybe something bad happened to him? Maybe they got rid of him and they will throw me out too? On the other hand I am a bit sad. ‘Cause if that that Zofijka says is true, that he has a new home, he won’t have a home here anymore, right? You can’t have two homes, can you? I think I couldn’t. You can have two houses from what I know, my peeps had two houses for a while and were constantly moving from one to another, but I lived in only one and it was my home, and then when they finally moved to the other one and now have only one house, of course I moved in here too and now it’s my home, not that old house anymore. So, will I ever see Sasha again? Where is he? We weren’t getting along the best, but he was a nice buddy, and always so sweet to me, I know he liked me a lot and always wanted to be with me, I think he thought I’m his mummy or something, stupid baby. Oops, I forgot, I promised never call him baby anymore!

Anyway, he was nice to play with, sometimes, and I liked to chat to him, and show him things, and clean him (he can’t clean himself properly, ya know? at least not his rear end). And he is just such a child and doesn’t know almost anything, but is always smiling, he was even smiling at me when I was looking at him all the time and observing him to not go where he shouldn’t, or do something he shouldn’t do. Even though I know it was stressful for him, it all was, but he was always smiling and was always very cheerful, and whenever I let him lie beside me or on me he purred so very loud as if he was in heaven, even though I didn’t really like to be so close to him, he smells weird despite all the cleaning. And he was always eating so much. He always ate all that I didn’t like, so I didn’t have to care and could only eat what I liked and leave the rest for Sasha, he would happily eat anything, seriously. His food or mine, or human, or dog food, after our dog Bobby, whatever, he doesn’t mind, heehee. I sort of got used to this kiddo, evenn if I’d really prefer to be on my own and he constantly was doing something wrong.

So, in a way I’m happy, even very happy. Am I bad for feeling happy that he’s gone? Yep, probably I’m a very bad, awful Misha. Maybe something bad happened to him and I’m happy? But I’d prefer him to not come back, really. It’s so nice without him. So much calmer and peacefully. And all the rooms are open now, they had to be closed ’cause otherwise Sasha would come in and poo on all the pillows and blankets and cushions and sofas and wherever else possible. And now everyone only gives me food, not Sasha. And people are strangely nice to me and everyone wants to cuddle me. Maybe they’re sorry they did it to me and took another cat? But I think they liked him, and don’t really get it, that it was so hard for me, so probably it’s not that. I think they’re sad that he’s gone, and want me to comfort them. I don’t know how to do it, but I’ll try.

Very confused Misa

7 thoughts on “But where is Sasha?”

    1. Thank you. 💙 Now I know it, they are saying it all the time, that it is so good they have me and that without me everything would be awful. Don’t know why it makes such difference if I’m constantly either sleeping, or eating, and not doing much else, but I am happy they love me so much, and that I have a home and don’t have to move from one to another every month like Sasha or don’t have to live on the streets. Actually, I’ve almost forgot about him now. I was only reminded about him today in the morning when I felt his smell on the carpet in the laundry, and was stressed that he came back, the smell seems to be gone now.
      Mishpurrs 💜


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