Iselin Solheim – “The Wizard Of Us”.

Hi  guys. 🙂

Here is another song from a Norwegian singer I have for you. This time, the singer is Iselin Solheim. If you’re into pop or dance music or hits you may know her, maybe not by her name but from the songs which she recorded as a vocalist for Alan Walker. I don’t listen to a lot of mainstream music from the charts and when I learned who she is, the name Iselin Solheim didn’t even ring a bell in my mind, so I thought I’m just too hipster to  know her, 😀 but when I listened to a couple of her more successful songs she made with Alan Walker, I did more or less recognise some of them, my Zofijka really likes “Sing Me TO Sleep”. I think it’s weird I didn’t know who she is, as her light and very clear voice, “nordic”, as I like to call this kind of voices, is quite characteristic and remarkable.

Anyways, this song isn’t particularly known outside of Norway. from whAT I know, this was the first song that gave Iselin some significant popularity in her home country, but not yet outside of it. But I think it’s better than her more popular pieces. They’re good too, but this is just much better for me and my favourite song of hers.

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