Question of the day.

Have you had any memorable experiences with interesting or extreme weather conditions?

My answer:

As I think about it, nothing significant comes to my mind actually, though I’ve been told by my parents that when I was born, there was a power outage for about a week. We were living in the countryside, and at the time there was something going on with electricity over and over again, though nothing like natural disasters wasn’t involved, it just was such a period I guess and probably some major tech issues. So anyway, it took place at the time when I was born, and my Dad used to joke that that’s why I am blind, that I just got used to the darkness, so now I can’t see hahaha.

How about your experiences? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I had to drive four men in a blizzard from Dortmund to Meppen many, many moons ago. They were rather impressed with my driving. (So was I LOL)
    And I nearly froze to death on Borkum an island in Germany. It was so bad we nearly didn’t get of after our holiday because the sea started freezing. Other than that? No 🙋

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  2. When I worked in London, it took me quite a long time to get home. We noticed a few snowflakes, and as the snow got heavier, I decided to go home a bit early. By the time I arrived at the train station near my house, it was quite deep, and I really wasn’t dressed for the snow. As I was coming down the steps from the station with my guide dog, a policeman stopped me, and asked if I would like a lift home. After first making sure that he was really a policeman, I accepted the lift and went home in a police car! I would have been fine with my guide dog, but the roads were becoming quite icy with snow that had melted and then frozen, and I was just wearing office shoes. So I was glad of the lift! That’s the only time my dog and I ever got in a police car!

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