Question of the day (1st October).

Let’s assume I’m popping to yours next evening, so what have you got planned?

My answer:

Well if any of you guys were going to visit me next evening, I’d definitely feel more comfortable if you’d let me know a bit earlier. If so, I could prepare some yummy food with my Mum. I’d ask my Dad to smoke some meat for ya, we’d have homemade bread and my Mum’s great fruit crumble, we have still so much fruit. I’d ask Mum to make some delicious dinner, maybe something particularly Polish like pierogi or something like this. We’d have some snacks too. I’dintroduce you to Misha and Sasha, although please don’t expect too interest from Misha, he’s got too many surprises recently and may not seem overly enthusiastic. I’d show you around our house and backyard, we’d talk about whatever we’d like to talk about, and do other things you’d like to do, I’m sure we’d come up with something else when you’d be already here.


One thought on “Question of the day (1st October).”

  1. Oh, I love pierogi but I don’t eat meat. Would that be a problem? Would love to meet all of you especially the cats. Sorry, that sounds rude which wasn’t meant to be 😐 if you come around ours I would make Kaese Spaetzle (Swabian noodles with cheese) for you and bake a cake. Marble cake probable. Do you like it? And I would definitely tell you earlier than a day beforehand 😚


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