Question of the day.

So this week is the week in which you…?

My answer:

…feel a bit better than last week. Have a lot of changes to get used to. Have my laptop back and am catching up on things and getting used to all the new things in it. Am getting to know my new cat Sasha and still worrying about Misha. Thinking hypothetically about a new name for Sasha because Zofijka now says she doesn’t like Sasha, and although I think the names match well together, I also am not sure now if Sasha is actually a good choice. We’d like a Russian name, although Zofijka comes up with loads of very common-sounding names like Lucky, Rocky, Happy, Ozzy. Ozzy’s good, but, uh… Ozzy Osbourne… I have mixed feelings. And it certainly doesn’t match Misha at all. Misha and Ozzy… Meh. We thought about Dima, Mitya, Pyetya, Nikita, ugh, no, it doesn’t fit him at all. My Dad suggested Grisha, but it’s way too matchy, he even suggested Putin, but, oh well, do I have to comment? 😀 So we just don’t know, I silently hope he stays Sasha, even though I’m doubtful myself if it’s the right decision. Am looking forward to horse riding, but still don’t know when that happens exactly.

How about your week? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I think Sasha is a really cool name and it matches with Misha but not too much. My husband’s and my first cat was Harry. Then we got another cat and my husband gave me the choice of naming him Barry (which I liked but was a little too matchy) or Heinrich. Well I chose Barry then. We eventually rehomed Harry and Barry really matches with the nicknames my husband and I use for each other.

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    1. I think we just need some time to get used to the name Sasha, I also think it’s pretty cool, although I like Misha much more. Harry and Barry sounds like a funny set, though very matchy indeed. 🙂


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