I am just so darn lucky! ðŸ˜ 

Guess what? I’ve got the skin infectionn on my leg, again. I was writing about it early this year, that I get very weird skin infections, or whatever it is, on my calves and I can’t, no one can’t, figure out the reason. I’ve been to three dermatologists and two surgeons with it and everyone is kinda clueless. I thought it’s maybe allergy, but I can’tfigure out what could I be allergic to that I don’t know of, and I don’t apply any chemicals on my skin nowadays consciously, most of the cosmetics I use are homemade by our lifestyle guru – my Mum, the rest are either al natural or hypoallergic, if I need to use anything else which is extremely rarely. Hell my Mum even got me tested for diabetes because we were worried it’s healing for so long, but I don’t have it. I’ve been told I once had staphylococcus in it, but not much more, and I’ve got a lot of meds for it, which worked sometimes more, sometimes less, but always very slowly.
It doesn’t look too bad because it’s always small and I’ve never had any complications, but as I said it heals for ages, like a few months, and I have scars after that shit, I have it twice a year, so if it doesn’t stop, I wonder how my legs will look in ten years time. It’s also pretty painful most of the time and makes long walking or standing a bit hard.
I’ve felt my leg hurting since last night but I didn’t figure out it can be that until I saw it bleeding when I was going to shower a few hours ago. I was mad.
I wouldn’t be whining at all, after all I kinda got used to it and many people, including me have to deal with worse and more important things, but this time it drives me crazy for a reason.
It means that, AGAIN, I won’t be able to ride for God knows how long. Some part of me is starting to wonder whether I actually should still insist on riding if there have been so many things speaking against it over the years. Maybe it would be wiser to give it up, or maybe there’s something else that God has planned for me, but I can’t accept it, and won’t. Not yet at least. I guess I just have to wait some more. Maybe then I’ll get some luck with riding finally. But OMG I’m so angry with this!

16 thoughts on “I am just so darn lucky! ðŸ˜ ”

  1. Have you tried to treat it with oats? Hang a muslin bag of oats under the tab in your bathtub (if you have one, of course) and bath in it. According to my husband its good for all skin condition. He sorted his sons’ eczema with it so maybe it sort your whatever it might be. I start itching just from reading it…

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    1. I personally haven’t tried oats, but I’veheard they can be helpful for skin issues and my dad tried it as far as I can remember, he has totally different skin issues but also long healing. I actualy don’t even know if it helped him any, will definitely ask him and try it, if it may help me cure a bit quicker. So far I’m treating it with colloidal silver, which is one of my Mum’s favourite discoveries and which did help me with it a bit in the past. Thanks a lot for the advice. 🙂

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    2. I think so too. 🙂 My Dad said he doesn’t even remember if using oats had actually helped him, so I’ll try it anyway soon. I’ve also got an antibiotic for it from the dermatologist yesterday, as always, though this time he also wasn’t able to tell me anything concrete about what it is.


      1. Is there anything you changed in your lifestyle when it happens/happened? You might want to think outside the box. Different washing powder? Walked somewhere different? Anything really…

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    3. Yeah, I try to do so, however so far I haven’t noticed anything particular in relation to this. At the beginning I I was sure it’s just some weird symptom of allergy to something I don’t know, but I’ve tried eliminate different things and then get back to using them and I haven’tfigured out what could be that I’d be allergic for. One of my doctors suggested a few years ago that it may be that my immunity was too low, but now we doubt it, as then I’d probably have a lot of other infections or get sick very often, but I don’t, plus I’ve always got in a lot of vitamin C thanks to Mum. I think maybe after some time I’ll finally find some connection to it, but so far I’m pretty clueless.

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