Elven Baby Names

Oh my God, so many beautiful names here! I just don’t know which one I like the most. Those elven names are so so much my style. I highly recommend you reading this post by Tulip By ANy Name and watching her video with more elven names.
And as for my favourites, well, I do like Eirlys, hence my user name, it’s gorgeous, same about Eirwen. I also thought Elowen would fit this list very well. I also love Aurelia and Evelia, in Poland we pronounce Aurelia as ah-oo-REH-lyah, the a and u are two distinct syllables, but they actually sound like one. When I was about to change my name, Aurelia was one of the names I considered for myself. Freiya or Freja and Gaia are so magical, and full of feminine strength. Sylvie is cute. Xanthe is kinda exotic to me,I also like Xanthia.
If I had to add something to this list, I would add Lilias, Gorawen, Eleri and yes – Siri, I know many people associate Siri with the IPhone app and I do too, but as a Scandinavophile I still like this name a lot and find it quite whimsical and enigmatic, and very melodic.
Which are your favourites? 🙂



Some beautiful names with an Elven vibe!

A Greek name meaning most holy, Ariadne currently ranks at Number 773. Mythological names lend themselves to the Elven sound as does the spunky nickname Ari.

Eirlys, like many Welsh names, has a mystical fairy-like sound. Eirlys even means snowdrop, which would make for a great Elven surname.

Eirwen is another gorgeous Welsh name, this one is a form of Welsh coinage. Eira, which made my video list could be a charming nickname for Eirwen.

Fauna was the name of one of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty, perhaps that’s why this Latin name gives my a mystical vibe. Fauna refers to the animals in a specific area, perfect for a woodland Elf.

If Fauna had a sister, she’d probably be Gaia. Gaia is a Greek name meaning mother earth that brings about imagery of lush green lands.

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