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Hi guys. 🙂

Here’s the last question from our little series about various people we know, and it’s inspired by the thread on Behind The Name message board. It’s to do strictly with names, and I realise not everyone has their own list of favourite names, the more other people to talk with them about it, but still I don’t think that the topic of names isn’t so very uncommon even for those who aren’t name geeks, so I decided to ask this question. So here it is, and my answer to it.

Have you ever known anyone who hates your very favourite names?

My answer:

Yeah, my Mum. I don’t know why actually, because pretty often we seem to have a bit similar styles in many things, but definitely not in names. We both like traditional names, but I also like some very original names and a lot of names from other cultures, and even the traditional Polish names which we like or some vintage ones are different in their feel. Sheesh, she even hates the name Jacek, despite it’s her husband’s name. I don’t think I could live for 20-ish years with someone whose name I’d hate. He’d have to be really really perfect in all other regards. And by the way, I think if I’d have a husband, and wanted to have kids, I’d also have to look for someone with the exact same taste with names as mine, or not colliding too much with mine haha. I can be a very conciliatory person usually, but I just can’t imagine naming my child a name I really dislike – even for a middle name – just because my husband likes it, and so many mums I know seem to do it. My Mum says my name tastes are to quirky and sophisticated for her. Whereas I can agree for sophisticated somewhat, because I like a lot of quite classy names, particularly for girls, but for boys too, I don’t think my tastes in names are really very quirky. Like I am quirky, and many things I like are quirky, but not necessarily names, I don’t like too much originality with them. Just a bit is OK. Also there are lots of name lovers I know, and I know quite a few whose tastes seem to be definitely different than mine.

How about you?

Ta wiadomość została sprawdzona na obecność wirusów przez oprogramowanie antywirusowe Avast.

7 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Yeah, my parents hate most of my favorite names. My husband also frowns upon many of the alters’ names, though some of these definitely are not favorite names for me either.

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  2. Hi! Hope you’ve been doing good! Wishing you a happy weekend, too!
    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you to do the 3 Day Lyric Challenge! No obligation, it’s just for fun. 🙂

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    1. Oh thank you so much that’s really kind of you. 🙂 It sounds cool and I’d love to do this, it will probably take some time until I will though because my computer has decided to stop cooperating and I don’t know how long it will take to get it back to normal. I’m working on another quite outdated device as for now on which I don’t think writing posts is possible. But yeah as soon as I’ll get access to my laptop I’ll happily do it! 🙂


  3. Some people name their children such odd names, and different kinds of ways to spell them these days, especially celebrities. I wonder why that is? I guess I don’t mind the names I’ve heard, too much. What gets me is don’t they look at the initials of the names? First, middle, last initials shouldn’t inadvertently spell out something offensive. However, I’ve seen some that makes me wonder…didn’t they even consider this? 🙂

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    1. There are different kinds of odd names and I’m not totally against all of them, plus everyone perceives different things odd or not odd, but there are certain names that are really objectively awful and I often really wonder what was the reason behind choosing such a name for a baby… As for the initials, I believe it’s not an intended thing for most parents to give their kids odd initials, many may just be so in love with certain name(s) that they forget to consider how it/they go with their surname.

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