Music Monday Care & Love – Big Fox – “Sad Eyes”.

Hi! πŸ™‚

I’m happy to participate again in

Music Monday Care & Love

hosted by the Bee, check her post out and I strongly recommend you to take part in it as always. .

This week, Bee’s self care suggestion for us is toΒ  have a break. That sounds simple, and gives your creativity a lot of freedom, which is always fun, I believe. During this week-long break, Bee encourages us to to spoil ourselves. I wondered for some time what I’m gonna do for myself during this week.

I’ve been planning to get myself some almond milk, which I’ve been craving for a few weeks, and my Mum actually went to our favourite health food shop to get it for me, but they didn’t have it. It seems to be a rare thing to get. However the saleswoman she talked to ordered it and said it might be available around Friday, so, well, I can’t wait hahaha. I haven’t had almond milk in ages and I really like it. We could make some on our own with Mum but she’s not feeling the best lately with her blod pressure being very low so I guess it won’t be a very good idea, even if it would be cool to have your own homemade almond milk, we used to make it together regularly like a year or two ago.

Other than that, but still about edible things, not as healthy though, I thought I’d buy myself some snacks for a treat this week. We have a shop in Poland, they’re in Warsaw but they also sell online, anyway, they have a lot of sweets and snacks from other countries, mostly US, UK, Germany and Asian coutries, but also others. I discovered them at the beginning of holidays and got a big package of treats for our whole family, and just all of them were delicious and my family were delighted, particularly my Dad, who is now a big fan of Doritos, he never had any kind of Doritos before, even though some are actually available in casual shops, but not very popular for some reason. So I thought I’d buy another, maybe a bit smaller package of treats. I intended it to be just for me but ended up also buying a big chocolate with almonds for my Mum. I bought a smaller one for myself, and the same crisps I bought for myself the last time, chipotle Doritos and my MOST FAVOURITE chips since June – Jalapeno Pepper JACK from Lay’s. No, really, not just because they have Jack in their name. I admit, that was the reason why I was tempted to buy them for the first time – for me and for my Dad Jacek – but, as almost all Jacks I know so far, they turned out to be just smashing. πŸ˜€ Another reason why being a Jackophile is really fun. My Dad liked Doritos a bit more though. For those of you who are new and can’t get what I’m talking about, I love the name Jack and many other similar names, and pretty much anything with Jack or even Jac in its name is irresistible for me and I just have to have an encounter with it. Just my little kink, one of quite a few.

Anyway, I ordered all that stuff I mentioned, but I guess the money still didn’t get through to them so I’m waiting.

Putting the food aside, we have a very nice weather lately, not hot, but still warm, you can feel though that the autumn is approaching. So yesterday I decided I’ll have a very lazy day and as soon as I finished my morning routine I went out to the garden to get some vitamin D, as it was really sunny in the morning. Generally I don’t like to sunbathe, I mean I don’t like to have tanned skin, the more that I get sunburn easily, but I decided my legs could use some sunbathing. I had my book with me, but I almost didn’t read it, rather trying to just be and exist and either not think about nothing, or let my thoughts go smoothly wherever they wanted, with the only rule being thinking about nice and positive things. It might be tricky with my brain, but we managed. Mum was doing some gardening later on so i was helping her whenever I was able to.

It is nice that although technically school year is coming in like 10 days I guess, it is still warm and sunny. Plus, for me, it’s definitely not the end of holidays. The joys of not passing your finals, and not rewriting them, you can have holidays as long as you wish. πŸ˜› But even if I rewrote the exam and passed it and went to some uni this year, I wouldn’t go earlier than in October. And I am so glad that finally when they’re talking about the school year approaching, it doesn’t regard me and I don’t have to dread, or even care at all.

But in fact, I do care a bit, unfortunately. Not as in previous years obviously, when I’d freak out and be unable to sleep or be hugely depressed etc. but still. I try to think rationally and be happy and appreciate the fact that I’m off that hell since four years and that now I’m off of the education system overall, and I am, I am immensely happy and relieved about it. But at the same time when people are talking about the schol year coming soon, or I see Zofijka being a little anxious about the new year, some part of me gets anxious too. And that kinda sucks, that even if something’s over, your brain doesn’t always seem to get it entirely, as if it doesn’t really want to or can’t believe, or something.

But I try not to care about that part of me which still cares about those things, and I try to enjoy things that are going on in the present and get as much out of them as I can.

Oh and I also forgot about another self care thing I’m going to do today and which I’m really looking forward to. Yesterday I bought myself also a bathsalt, well I actually bought plain sea salt, because I think that’s the best bathsalt, first because I don’t really like things that smell too intense, especially sweet, and I am allergic to a lot of artificial cosmetics, and second because I just think natural things are the best. It came today, quite early in the morning, and I opened it, to see how it looks and smells, but although it’s just sea salt, it smells so beautifully. I actually don’t know how to describe it, but it’s so cool. To this salt I also bought myself A SMALL box with lavender oil balls, I’ve always loved them since my Mum bought them for me as a kid, but they’re hard to get. I don’t know how they’re actually called in English but they’re just little balls, they look a bit like made of plasticine to me and their size is similar to an average ball made of plasticine I guess, like, dunno, about 1,5 cm maybe, and when you put them iNto the water they melt and release the oil. I love the smell of lavender and these balls are god for people with allergies, well, for me anyway, and I just love them. They look s nice and smell beautifully and are so relaxing. I’d post a picture, but I’m too lazy and my Mum isn’t around at the moment to even make it. So yeah, I’d have a great evening today and I can’t wait. I must say all those things really helped me to feel better after that self-loathing slide I had at the weekend.

OK, that would be it about my self care activities, or those biggest, let’s get on to the music.

The song for today is by Big Fox. Under this name hides Charlotta Perers from Sweden and her accompanying musicians. I think she’s pretty charcteristic, or her music is. I like it for its melancholy, she often writes very interesting lyrics and it all sounds just good.

so here’s the song called Sad EYes from her.

5 thoughts on “Music Monday Care & Love – Big Fox – “Sad Eyes”.”

  1. Hi Emilia, thanks for taking part and sharing such a haunting song. I love Sweden. Have been twice in my youth and this song feels very Swedish if that makes sense. I am glad you enjoy this week’s break and got yourself some treats. I am still sticking with the coffee in the morning and my stomach has not revolted yet ;-). How do you make your own almond milk? Didn’t know you can make it yourself. I learned about making peanut butter a couple of months ago maybe it’s similar? Otherwise, I am off now to make a courgette-mint frittata. Now that I have a lot of time and do most of the cooking I am trying out lots of new dishes. Most don’t work out exactly as planned but its all work in progress I guess. Have a lovely evening. Hugs Bee

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    1. Oh, you’re very lucky! I’ve been in Sweden only once, and loved it so, so much. How can one not love Sweden?! Oh yes I totally agree about the song, the first thing I thought when I listened to it was, OMG, how very Swedish! I’m glad you’re tolerating the coffee well. πŸ™‚ As for the almond milk, you make it only with almonds and water and that’s often much better than to buy it because they often put a lot of other unnecessary rubbish in it, as in so many other foods and drinks. You also need to have a blender to make it. I just got the recipe from my Mum and she says there is one glass of almonds, four glasses of water, some water to soak the almonds in.
      You have to soak the almonds so that they’ll be easier to blend. We usually used to pour water over them and then put them to the fridge for the night. Then you have to drain the almonds, put them into a deep dish and pour 2 glasses of water over them, then you blend it all for a few minutes. When the milk is made you need to pour it through the strainer and press the blended almonds to the strainer precisely. And then you do it again with the rest of the almonds you have left on the strainer and it’s ready.
      I may not be an expert in culinary-related English vocabulary, but I hope you get the idea.
      It’s cool you can make your own peanut butter, I love peanut butter so much.
      HOpe the frittata comes out yummy, trying out new dishes can be such a great adventure so it’s awesome you can do it now, even if it doesn’t always work out. πŸ™‚
      Hugs. πŸ™‚

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      1. Hi Emilia, thanks so much for the almond milk recipe. I definitely try that out when we are a little better with the finances. Almonds are so expensive here. We make pretty much all food from scratch. Neither the husband nor me believe in all that stuff they put in food that no one needs. The frittata was a little dry but still nice. I haven’t tried to make the peanut butter yet. As far as I remember you roast the peanuts in the oven and then you blend them. I think they put a little salt in but that was it. Will try that later too. Have a great evening. Bee

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    2. Oh yes, almonds can be pretty expensive as well, but then so is almond milk. πŸ˜€ Wow that’s so great you make food on your own, my parents make a lot of food from scratch too, but it’s definitely not all, even though my Mum is a huge lifestyle geek and hates anything processed or artificially enhanced. The peanut butter sounds indeed pretty easy to make. Have a lovely evening as well. πŸ™‚

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