Question of the day.

Again, I got inspired by BTN message board and decided to have a little series of questions regarding various people we may have known. If you’ve ever known someone who’s ever done the thing I ask about, but don’t feel comfortable revealing much info, just reveal as much as you feel is appropriate. You can also write about yourself, if you can relate to the question. The question for today is:
Have you ever known anyone who has an irrational fear of something unexpected, like an object or a sound? My answer:
Yeah, I myself am such kind of person, I have tons of irrational fears, I’ve overcome many of them, partly or completely, but I still have a lot. I won’t go into details about each of them for various reasons, but I’ll tell you I do have a fear of certain sounds since early childhood, it’s I guess one of the weirdest kinds of anxiety I have because it’s just so not typical, and so very weird. I also may have fears regarding certain objects.
Another such person is my Mum, who is afraid of spiders, but also of anything similar to spiders, so lots of other interesting creatures, some toys, I dunno, whatever can be similar, she also once told me she feels somewhat distressed even if she sees a spider on a picture, however it got better recently so I think it’s not as severe now.
Other than that I know quite a few people afraid of lots of really weird stuff, including bright orange objects, crying babies, escalators/elevators, public toilets, cats, mice, etc. Also when I was going to the school for the blind there were a lot of children anywhere on the autism spectrum, – there is some sort of link or higher risk or something between congenital blindness and autism spectrum disorder – and many of them had fears that were pretty out there.
How about you? 🙂

Ta wiadomość została sprawdzona na obecność wirusów przez oprogramowanie antywirusowe Avast.

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