Eleanor MCEvoy – Sophie.

Hi guys. 🙂

I’ve known this song for years. I guess since my early teens, when I was exploring Celtic, and also Irish music in general and started listening to Eleanor MCEvoy among others. But at that point my ENglish was a bit lame and I couldn’t quite get what it’s on about. I just liked the song, it sounded cool, and you know, Sophie. 😀 Enough to like it for me,  it was just cool and sounded interesting.

And then I sort forgot about it for years, until last year when I decided to come back to it, and then I fully realised what it is about. It was striking.

Because as you’ll hear “Sophie” tells the story of a girl struggling with an eating disorder. And it is pretty powerful, even for me, even though I’ve never struggled with any eating disorder myself.

I also read recently that “Sophie” is a rediscovered song. It was released in 1999 but didn’t get much attention, until recently, in the era of Internet, and Youtube, and all. Apparently many girls and women with eating disorders are being inspired with “Sophie”, having it as their personal anthem. I’ve heard there are lots of videos on Youtube relating to anorexia, or personal videos of women struggling with this disorder where they tell their stories, where “Sophie” is used as a music background. I myself haven’t seen any but I think it’s a great idea because “Sophie” in my opinion is really simple and powerful, and definitely fits as a music background for such things.

If you are here, and have an eating disorder, or a relative/friend struggling with it, and you don’t know “Sophie” yet, then I particularly dedicate it to you. And I hope it will speak to you, and maybe help you in some way, as it helped many others.

Let me know what you think about it guys, I’m curious. 🙂

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