It’s Misha. Sorry I haven’t posted anything last week. I was too hot and Mila wasn’t particularly in the mood so we just gave it up. I hope no one missed me too much. Just a little bit.

We’ve been having a lot of sunshine lately and it’s hot all the time. Today not so much, and my human Dad says there may be a storm soon, but we’ve had a few storms already and it’s still the same, only more humid. Peeps are getting a bit sick of it, but for me it’s OK, it just makes me so very slow and sluggish and sleepy. But I like being sleepy. I can have lots of nice dreams then.

Though I would be happier if the peeps would let me out for a little while. But nooo they’re so stupid and boring and stubborn and don’t understand me!!! They only let me sometimes sit at the window and then they watch me carefully as if they thought I’m gonna fly away in a second. Horrible peeps.

Today they let me sit at the window for a while. Mum was washing Mila’s window and I was sitting and looking at her and at the world. I like to look at the nature or what’s going on outside the house but I also like to watch what peeps are doing here, if they’re doing a lot, like cleaning for example. I love observing them. Particularly if they don’t see me. And then Mum wanted to put the mosquito net at Mila’s window, and I was watching the procedure carefully, but it didn’t last long because it turned out that the net is too short so they have to buy a new one. The one thing they don’t know is that there is much easier solution, much cheaper and right in front of their noses. It’s ME!

They could just let me sit in the window and I would be happy to catch and eat all the insects that would fly in. Or I would just scare them so that they would fly out, I can be very scary when I want to. And then I would fly out with them for a while. But I would come back soon, don’t worry, I’m not that awful. I would just go for a little trip with them insects from time to time. That would be lovely.

But they never, ever take me seriously. :/

Zofijka is away for a few days. She was gone on Wednesday and she still hasn’t come. But I don’t miss her too much. She’d want me to play with her or lie together with her constantly and for me it’s way too exhausting right now. I didn’t even notice when she was gone, I realised it the next day when I woke up after a long long sleep.

OK, back to sleep now. I’m terribly tired.

Mishpurrs and all the mishest for all of you, pets and peeps.


Ta wiadomość została sprawdzona na obecność wirusów przez oprogramowanie antywirusowe Avast.

9 thoughts on “Sleepy…”

  1. Oh, I didn’t know it’s hot out in Poland too. It really sucks when storms only make it more humid, not cooler. I’m glad you’re not too affected, Misha. Purrs back fro our cat Barry.

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    1. My human Dad says it’s hot all over Europe, so I believe him. Yeah, it generally sucks, but I like warmth overall so unless I’m not completely roasting, it’s not that bad.
      Friendly purrs to you and Barry.

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  2. misha! how are you! its me, nitro! I got super hot earlier in the evening, and I was panting a lot! Mom was getting fed up of me being in her face! I tried to climb on her lap! she let me out in the garden but then she brought me back inside because she said there were kids out there and they might open the gate! so boo I didn’t get to lie in the garden and watch the world go by!

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    1. Hhrrru? Nitro.
      You are lucky to have such a good mum who lets you out when you’re hot, my peeps never ever do it. I would also like it if I could lie in the garden and look at what people are doing and stuff, so it’s a pity you couldn’t do it. I am not so hot today, we just had a loot of rain a while ago and it’s much cooler now. And I’m not sleepy now, think I’ll go eat something right now.

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    1. Yes, I do dream in colour, but not in all kinds of colours, and they’re kinda muffled. They’re usually grey, or white, or black, or green or blueish, maybe a bit yellowish sometimes, rather calmer colours.
      And yes, I dream about nature a lot. About other animals, and plants, and abut being in the nature and running, and hunting little insects or even mice. I run a lot in my dreams, and there is always a lot of yummy food in them. Sometimes I have some little nightmares that someone or something is chasing me, and I am running away so fast that my paws are really moving a little, not just in a dream, and I make some squeaky noises when I have a bad dream, but I rarely have them. Also I often dream that I am somewhere very high and I love it.


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