Cow Baby Names

Hah, interesting idea for a post from TulipByAnyName, so, quite traditionally, I’m sharing with you guys. 😀 There are quite a few names here that I like, and also a few that I love. I absolutely adore Lucy, it’s so very endearing. Bella is lovely as well, I’m crazy for -ella names, there are so many great ones among them. Here in Poland Bella’s also on the rise (thanks to “Twilight”, I guess), but so far it’s only #365 as I just saw. and, despite I think I wouldn’t give this name to a child, rather to a character or something, I love Clarabelle. It sounds really sweet, and vintage. I guess I like Claribel even more though. Daisy’s cool, despite being a form of Margaret, and there aren’t many forms of this name I would really like.
Which are your favourites? 🙂

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