Nature Names – Letter A

So many cool names here. 🙂 I really like amarantha and Azalea. I remember that when I was younger I wanted to call my future daughter Amarantine in honour of Enya’s album, and then I realised there is a name amarantha and fell in love with it. I also love our Polish form of Azalea, which is azalia, though it’s rarely used as a name.
Which are your favourites?

2 thoughts on “Nature Names – Letter A”

    1. Oh, you are a synaesthete too? :O Great! My synaesthetic association with Acacia are simply acacia tree leaves and the sound of leaves on the wind, so more logical than my synaesthetic associations usually are. 😀 Acacia is lovely, so graceful, lively and girly, and I live now at the street that’s literally called Acacia Tree Street so that’s another reason why I like this name.


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