Question of the day.

And the actual question for today is also related to books:

Do you think you would be happy working in a bookshop, or being a librarian?

My answer:

Hm, I certainly do like reading, even if I am picky with books in a sense, and I guess it could be a nice job, although nothing I’ve ever dreamt about. Other than that, it’s a bit hard for me to imagine myself working in a bookshop or library because I am blind, unless it would be really adjusted, or I’d work in a library for the blind, the latter would be doable theoretically, i guess. But, usually, libraries for the blind are a part of schools for the blind, at least here, apart from one main library, and schools for the blind is definitely not an environment I would like to have close connections with them, I already puke with them all. So no, I think it’s not the best option for me. Or even if I’d have quite good conditions at such a work place and would like it, I don’t think I would be so professionally fulfilled that we could talk about happiness in this case.

How about you? πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I’d like to work in a book store if I knew a lot about all of their books, and could help people with authors names or book titles etc and knowledge of the books, but I doubt its doable, but no, I doubt its the kinda job I’d be very happy in for too long. xxx

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  2. I think I would love to be a librarian – for me, libraries are cozy, safe places which make me feel happy and comfortable, so it would be great to work there! I’d also like to have the excuse to read lots and lots for work πŸ˜‰ I’d like to be a librarian alongside something else though – perhaps being a research psychologist as well as a librarian would be good… xx

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