4 thoughts on “Yr Eira – Dros Y Bont (Over The Bridge).”

  1. emilia, do you realise that when you put up a spotify link it only plays about 30 seconds of whatever song your playing? I think if you don’t have spotify and aren’t subscribed it wont play it all!

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    1. I’m glad it works for you. It really sucks it’s just 30 seconds and it doesn’t give you a fuller insight into the music, but I think it’s always something, if there’s no other way to share it. I could put stuff on Dropbox so that all people could enjoy it fully but I don’t think it would be OK with the copyright, I do it sometimes when I think a song is really worth sharing, but then I delete it after a month or so, to eliminate the risk of a lot of people downloading it and sharing further or something. I guess it has to stay the way it is.


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