Some questions on reading, books and Goodreads.

So today I’ve found a little survey on BTN message board about Goodreads, books and reading and thought I’d ask you the same questions, just for fun, and will answer them as well. Feel free to join in, either in the comments, or in your own post, don’t forget to pingback. ๐Ÿ™‚ You don’t have to have Goodreads to answer most of these questions, if you don’t, just skip the ones that don’t apply to you.

Do you use Goodreads?

I have a Goodreads account, but I hardly ever use it nowadays, I used to do it more in the past.

What do you think of book social media in general? Does it make you want to read more, does it discourage you from reading long books because you want to read as many books as possible, does it make you feel pressured to read certain things etc.?

Book social media are a generally good thing and it’s good that they promote reading, I think. However I myself don’t use them excessively, and, although I like to use them from time to time for some book recommendations, they don’t influence me that much in my book choices. However what I find slightly amusing is how people tend to read books as if it was sort of competition, who will read more. It’s good that book social media encourage people to read more and more, like Goodreads, which lets people set a goal for every year, how many books they want to read, but in my opinion, what is far more important, is what you read, than how much. It’s sad that people tend to read less nowadays, than in the past, but even if they’ll read three books in a year, but will enjoy them, get something valuable out of tem, learn something new, it’s much better than if they’d read 50 rubbish books, or such that aren’t completely of interest for them, just because they’re popular. I feel like if you want to read for the sake of quantity, you can’t really focus on the book you read, because you still think how much you still have left to achieve your goal, try to hurry up with reading, and so often don’t get out of the book as much as if you wouldn’t be so crazy as for how much you read. But I might be wrong, for me numbers were never particularly important, and I always appreciate quality way more than quantity. As for feeling pressured to read certain things, no, it’s actually otherwise. Often I don’t read things that are popular, unless I truly see something valuable in them for me personally, something I could truly enjoy. I never read something because others do it. I’ve never read “Twilight” or “Harry Potter” – well, those two I also haven’t read because they’re against many of my views, but that’s another thing. – So if I see something’s very popular, yes, I might look at reviews, or ask people about what they like in this book so much, but unless I just don’t feel it in my gut that I can like it, I don’t read it.

Do you care about the rating scale? What is your opinion about 5 star ratings for books?

Ratings, in whatever field, have been always a rather tricky thing for me. I dunno, maybe it’s again my brain that is allergic to numbers and finds them quite abstractive. If I rate books, I tend to look individually at each one, so sometimes my ratings may seem sort of inconsistent logically, and I never care about others’ ratings, it’s just a little scale and it can’t say much about your impressions, plus numbers are so boring. I much prefer reviews.

What shelves do you have (if not on Goodreads, do you have a physical TBR shelf, favourites shelf etc.)?

I don’t have any particular shelves on Goodreads nor other websites recommending books, I just have everything I read cramped on one shelf, I guess I’m too chaotic and not systematic enough to make it more organised. The books I have, I have also in one big folder, without any particular order. I do have physical bookshelves in my room with physical books I bought, mainly Swedish ones or books about names, etc. but once I scanned them, they only have a decorative function, and a bit sentimental, since I love all of them so wouldn’t sell them or anything and want to have them in my room even if I can’t read them physically. And they’re pretty organised, usually according to the genre.

Do you d reading challenges and/or trivia?

I used to in the past a lot, but now almost not at all.

Do you write reviews?

I used to on my Polish blogs, but very inconsistently, nowadays I don’t do it, but when I read an interesting book, I often take notes and put them into my diary so that I can remember my impressions later on.

Do the reviews often change your mind or whether you want to read something?

Usually not, but it may happen at times. Sometimes, when I look for something new to read, I check my recommendations in Goodreads or its sort of Polish equivalent Biblionetka, and then when I can’t decide if I’d really like to read a book that is recommended to me, I look into reviews, and sometimes they help me to make the decision. Also when I find a book particularly interesting, I like to read some reviews after I finish it, to compare my impressions with others’. I also regularly check reviews of my favourite authors’ books, but since they’re my favourite authors, reviews rather aren’t able to change my mind and discourage me from reading their new book, even when they’re very critical.

Do you follow authors (if not on Goodreads, on any social media)?

Not really, I only tend to check my all time most favourite Polish author – Maล‚gorzata Musierowicz’s – website, because she has a sort of blog and often writes very interesting things, and in an awesome style, but recently I don’t do it very regularly.

Do you trust the “recommendations” algorithm?

I never blindly get a book to read just because I saw it in my recommendations on whichever site, I first always look if it can actually interest me. ANd it can be really different.

Best and worst books you’ve read because of Goodreads (if you’ve read anything because of Goodreads)?

It was a long time since I’ve read anything because it was recommended to me by Goodreads, so I just can’t remember. And as for the worst books, if I feel like something is bad, and just can’t get through it, and really don’t have a strong motivation to read it, I usually just leave it, why force to read something you don’t like.

I’m curious about your answers. ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “Some questions on reading, books and Goodreads.”

  1. I use Goodreads and LibraryThing to post reviews of books I review on my blog, but that’s pretty much all I use them for. I keep my own list of books I plan to read, plus I use the shelves feature on my local public library account to keep track of books I’ve read and books in the library’s collection that I plan to read later.

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  2. Interesting questions.
    I have a Goodreads thing, but hardly ever go look at it. Sometimes I’ll scroll through the recommendations of similar books, but most don’t interest me.
    Mostly I’ll see a blogger review of a book that sounds interesting, so will look further to see if I want to read it.
    Otherwise, I go to our local bookstore and browse the shelves for something new. ๐Ÿ™‚

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