I wouldn’t like to be a vegetarian, but veggies are interesting.


Yes it’s me Misha, I know you all know it already. For those who don’t, you most probably haven’t meet me before. I am Misha an dI am 2 years old and I am Mila’s Russian cat who likes to hang out with peeps and animals, but am also afraid of them. And I don’t know many animals, only a few dogs and aquarium fish, and spiders and flies. I like to play, particularly with natural toys, not the ones you can get at a cat shop. You’d better either make me a toy yourself or give me something simple and natural to play with like a feather or a leaf and I’ll be far more happy, and for longer. I am a minimalist, when it comes to play, and most other things, but I still like to have it comfy around me, and I’m very picky as for food. Because I am an aristocat obviously.

SO that’s a little about me for those of you who didn’t know me before or didn’t know me from the beginnings of Mila’s blog.

I wanted to tell you I am starting to explore the potential of vegetables. I really like them. I’ve been only familiar with flowers or other plants before, I like to smell them, and I loved to bite them, but now people don’t let me bite them because one day I had eaten a lot of some decorative grass that was very sharp, and then I was very sick. I’m sure I wouldn’t get sick again, I wouldn’t even eat that much, and we don’t have that grass any longer, but the peeps are constantly watching me when I’m around any plants. Zofijka says it hurts them when I bite them, I wonder if that’s true, how do you think? After all peeps and other animals do eat plants, so even if they hurt, it looks like it has to be so. Unless they kill their plants before they eat them so they don’t feel the pain.

A few days ago though, Mum was in the garden picking some peep food and she come out with some very funny stuff in the basket. I came closer to it and pulled one of those things from the basket. It looked so cool, so nice to play with, just perfect for me. As long and thin as me. Mum came in to the kitchen. “Oh, our little Misha likes beans. Maybe we’d make some bean soup for you, sweetie?”. No, I don’t want bean soup, I want to play with it. I pulled another bean from the basket. And I played with them both. And then Mila played with me as well, and that was so nice. I engaged in the play so much that I clicked loudly and hhrrrued as I always do when something absorbs me completely, and even bit them, and after some time they were bitten all over, but they weren’t yummy. Then Mila packed me up into the veg basket which was empty now gave me my beans and brought me to her room. I played in that small basket on her bed. I knocked it over so that only my head was in it and the basket turned upside down and covered me. And I much preferred playing under it with my little beans. Mila said I looked like a happy baby. But I’m not a baby, am I? I’m 2 years old, I am an adult man. But they always treat me like a baby. But sometimes it’s good. And I still like playing with beans even though I’m 2 already. We Russian blues are always very playful. My beans were with me even at night and I played with them, and when someone held them I was following them everywhere, because I love beans, but then I played with them in the kitchen and throwed them around everywhere and I lost them. And there are no more beans, because Mum baked them. I’m mad at her. I want my beans back! But my toys often get lost and no one bothers finding them for me.

Besides beans, I had also tasted another yucky thing recently, that looked interesting. Last week Mila has bought some peep snacks and treats from other countries for herself and other peeps. They came in a big, rustling cartonboard, which I loved. They opened it and before they even unpacked it I went inside and lied on the packets. Mila said that this thing on top seems most yummy. They are so doting on me, particularly Mila, that they were afraid to get me out of there, because I lied so comfortably. Finally though I went out and they unpacked everything. But the cartonboard is still here and I like to lie or play in it, there are also some packets in it that wait for Zofijka and I like to play with them and kneat and flop them down with my paws. Zofijka will have everything crumbled when she comes back home. Anyway, Mila has bought herself some potato chips from America, apparently just because they’re spicy and because they have Jack in their name, and she’s bought them for Dad too because he is Jacek. For me that’s very odd but anyway. They sounded very nice when she opened them. And it interested me a lot. SO I came closer to her. I hoped it’s some snacks for me, btw isn’t it cruel she hasn’t bought anything for me? But it wasn’t for me but for the peeps. But she gave me one chip. It smelled weird, but interesting. I came even closer and smelled the chip carefully. I touched it with my paw, and licked for a while. And then I bit it. I didn’t eat it, but I bit it and I felt its taste. It was yuck and so hot. I went downstairs straight away annd gulped down all the water from my Mishbowl.

Today Mila said I should get a prize. Because I am learning to sleep in bed the whole night. I’ve slept two nights in a row on Mila’s bed, but not in my basket. Yesterday I slept on her pillow, and last night I slept on her feet, wrapped up in blanket. I like sleeping in bed more now. and Mila said I should be prescribed as a medicine for people who have cold feet. I wouldn’t like it though. I think usually peeps have very smelly feet and even if your peeps have too, it’s easier to stand a familiar yucky smell than smell some stranger’s feet hehe. We both slept very well.

And I got my prize. She got me very jelly-like snacks. I like anything thick and jellied, as you know. And I was soooo happy. 🙂

3 thoughts on “I wouldn’t like to be a vegetarian, but veggies are interesting.”

  1. misha! what were the chips called? I would eat them but well mom probably wouldn’t let me have them! but she’d want them all for herself! hahaha! hoping your sleeping well tonight, I am, im laying here next to moms bed, the heat is awful though, I need lots of water cuz I am so hot. love, nitro xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hhrrru? Nitro!
      They were Lay’s Stax Jalapeno Pepper Jack, awful hot for me, but peeps liked them. Oh yes my peeps also usually want all food for themselves, they never think of me, well, maybe not never, only sometimes, I only get cat food and human fod not so much. But I believe that in the afterlife things will be different and it will be them who will be starving and I won’t give them any food hahaha.
      Yes, I slept well, I always sleep well, even in the heat, if I have enough water, and today it’s not very hot.


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