but no one likes being sick

This is an incredibly hopeful post from Kat. I would love it if all the people who are currently struggling with very intense emetophobia, or any sort of phobia, would have a chance to read it. And I can also say from my perspective that emetophobia is something you can overcome. I myself haven’t done it fully yet and have a long way to go, but as in Kat’s case it had been much worse in the past. Another thing I can tell others that struggle with phobias is that time can also have a lot of healing properties. 🙂 Thanks Kat for writing such a relatable positive post, dare I say it not only on my behalf but also all the people with emetophobia. 🙂


It was a relatively average day, my emetophobia (fear of vomit) was playing up no more than usual, I was out and about with just the odd niggling feeling. Sat on a bus en route to my flat when a news article caught my attention.

“norovirus outbreak in East London”

The emetophobia was no longer a manageable niggle…my entire world just shattered.

I managed to keep my shit together on the bus whilst internally falling apart. Got myself back to my little London flat (box with no windows) and crumbled. The world as I once knew it had suddenly transformed into the most terrifying and dangerous place. Everyone was carrying a virus, everything had the potential to make me vomit. My thoughts were speeding up:

“what if i’ve got it” “what if he’s (my wonderful, darling fiancé) has got it” “what if i get it” “i’m going to die” “i…

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