This or that? A little q&A for my readers.

I’ve got a very spontaneous idea. I am curious about your name tastes, my dear readers, and so I’ve made a little q&a for you all, in the form of this or that, and you can answer in the comments – or make a separate post on your blog and pingback, if you prefer. I’m curious about which names you prefer. The names have either similar feel, or sound, or something else, some can sound a bit foreign, there are some Polish ones, some Scandinavian ones and some Celtic ones among the ENglish names, I tried to make it possibly diverse, and if you feel like it, you can also tell me why do you prefer certain name over the other and express your opinion about these names as I will do. Write as many or few details as you wish. If there is anyone who has one of the names I included, please don’t take neither my or any of others’ opinions too seriously, if someone has written something negative about their name or that they don’t like it, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you, there are tons of names and everyone has the right to like some and dislike others, and it isn’t related to the people bearing these names, so it’s absolutely not about name bashing or anything, just for fun. Just wanted to clarify, since so many people tend to feel indignant or hurt because of someone not liking their name or the same names they do. Though obviously we need to express our opinions politely, but that’s not a big news I guess. For now all the names are girl names, I can do a boy names post in future. You can find my answers at the bottom of the post. So here we go:
Annika or Anya?
Aoife or Grainne?
Catrin or Caitriona?
Chelsea or Michaela?
Diana or Lana?
Elan or Elle?
Ellie or Nelle?
Elsie or Ella?
Elvira or Elva?
Eva or Evie?
Gwenllian or Gwendoline?
Heidi or Heidy?
Heledd or Elen?
Helen or Cordelia?
Helena or Lucia?
Helene or Adeline.
Hellie or Hazeline?
Hollie or Annie?
Ingrid or Inga?
Louise or Isabella?
Maia or Kaia?
Margrete or Margrita?
Maria or Marina?
Marie or Marion?
Annika or Anya?
I think Annika. Anya is cool, and similar to Enya, which I like, and also my Mum’s nickname is Anja, so I have quite nice associations, but I prefer the sound of Annika, and I have a very nice Swedish friend called Annika. Aoife or Grainne?
Hmm, I think Aoife is cute, it’s pronounced EE-fa and I like the way it sounds and how complicated its spelling is hahaha. Grainne is cool too, but AOife’s better. Chelsea or Michaela?
Both lovely, each in a different way for me… I’m gonna go with Michaela, but the way I pronounce it – mee-hah-E-lah – or mee-kah-E-lah, like in Scandinavia. I don’t like it pronounced the ENglish way like Makayla. I also like Michaela because it has so many great nicknames – including Misha.
Diana or Lana?
Not a big fan of either. I really dislike Diana pronounced in ENglish, don’t know why actually, but I do, Polish DYAH-nah is a bit snobbish imo, and we had a neighbour who had a dog named Diana, it’s not particularly popular for people here. I have the weird linguistical associations with lana… And also I associate it with Lana Weinberger from that Meg Cabot series “Princess Diary” or how was it called, she wasn’t the nicest person. Hmm, OK, I’ll choose Diana. Elan or Elle?
I don’t speak French, but I guess everyone knows Elle means “she” in French. I find it weird to call your girl “she”. I mean, I like the sound of the name Elle, but I’d rather use it as a diminutive of something longer. So I’m gonna go with Elan. It’s a Welsh name and it is the name of one of the sisters of my crush. Ellie or Nelle?
Both sooooo cute, but I’d rather use them as diminutives for Helena. Um, really tricky one… I guess Ellie… But I’m not sure. πŸ˜€ Elsie or Ella?
I guess Elsie is pretty much outdated, at least in US, isn’t it? But Ella is soooo popular. I like them both, but if something is so overused as Ella, it loses some charm for me, and this name could be really very charming, it has something magical to it. So I pick Elsie. I suppose that with all these E and El- names being more and more popular, and with so many vintage nicknames lovers Elsie will become more popular sooner or later. And I guess it already has quite a few fans in the UK. Elvira or Elva?
ELvira! Definitely Elvira! It’s lovely and unique, and so much my style. And Elva means eleven in Swedish. With my hatred for figures, numbers and all related I definitely can’t pick Elva, and I don’t know how Swedish parents can give this name to their kids, it’s like labelling your kids with numbers, isn’t it? I’ve heard Elva can also be derived from elves, but still Elvira’s way better for me. Eva or Evie?
Not a fan of either, but Evie’s slightly better.
Gwenllian or Gwendoline?
Gwenlian, ha, ha, ha. If it was Gwendolyn, not Gwendoline, I could think more, because I have a kinda soft spot for -lyn names, but in this case I’m all for Gwenllian. Heidi or Heidy?
Heidi. Heidy looks weirdly and unnecessarily anglicised to me. And Heidi is so quirky, so Scandinavian, so girly but strong, and I associate it with the Heidi from the Johanna Spyri book, like many people, I suppose. Heledd or Elen?
I love both, but Elen is a bit more girly and more accessible anywhere outside of Wales, where they both originate. Helen or Cordelia?
I love both, but Cordelia mainly because of Anne Of Green Gables associations, and that it can be nicknamed to Delia, which I like. I have many more reasons to love Helen, so I’m going with Helen. Helena or Lucia?
Love both, but Helena is my all time favourite and I just have to be loyal! Helene or Adeline?
I’m always a bit confused as for how to read Helene, should it be he-LEN or he-LE-ne or he-LE-nuh, or maybe e-LEN, and in which language, so Adeline is safer, and so sweet and lovely. And I love both. But I wouldn’t pronounce it with the -lien, rather -leen or -lin in the end. Hellie or Hazeline?
Both sound very hipster and so lovely and brave and quirky. But I’ll choose Hellie, it’s beautiful. Hollie or Annie?
Ingrid or Inga?
Louise or Isabella.
Both are beautiful and classy, and in my opinion they have such a similar feel. I don’t think Louise is boring, although I realise how popular it is as a middle name in English-speaking countries. I think it’s sad people tend to overuse it so much as a middle name and don’t think about it as a first name option, it’s such a great first name, not just a filler without its own personality, so that’s unfair. But I think I’m going to choose Isabella, just because I like it that little little bit more. It’s very charming. Maia or Kaia?
I like Maia, and I’ll pick it, even though I have very awful associations with the related Maja. I’m rather neutral about Kaia, and Maia sounds really nice. Margrete or Margrita?
Hate both. Uh. OK, Margrete.
Maria or Marina?
Maria is a kind of stereotypical old lady name in Poland, coming back recently, and it’s just too popular for me, but Marina is completely not my style, so let’s go with Maria, it’s still a pretty and classic, traditional name and I know lots and lots of brilliant people with this name. Marie or Marion?
To me both sound very dated, and Marie is kinda boring because of how often it’s used as a middle name in many countries. But it still has some regal, French charm, and something classic and elegant about it, while Marion doesn’t say much to me, except it looks like Marian, which may be vintage and associated with Robin Hood in other countries, but in Poland it is a male name derived from Marianus, and sound very, very dated, sort of older uncle/grandpa name, definitely not ready for a come back, and isn’t quite liked, rather laughed at. so I pick Marie.
Looking forward to read your answers and learn more about your name tastes. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “This or that? A little q&A for my readers.”

  1. *Annika* or Anya?
    Aoife or *Grainne*?
    Catrin or *Caitriona*?
    Chelsea or *Michaela*?
    Diana or *Lana*?
    Elan or *Elle*?
    Ellie or *Nelle*?
    *Elsie* or Ella?
    Elvira or *Elva*?
    Eva or *Evie*?
    *Gwenllian* or Gwendoline?
    *Heidi* or Heidy?
    Heledd or *Elen*?
    Helen or *Cordelia*?
    Helena or *Lucia*?
    *Helene* or Adeline.
    Hellie or *Hazeline*?
    *Hollie* or Annie?
    Ingrid or *Inga*?
    *Louise* or Isabella?
    *Maia* or Kaia?
    Margrete or *Margrita*?
    Maria or *Marina*?
    Marie or *Marion*?

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