Question of the day.

If you HAD to pick a favourite sport, what would it be? You can’t say “none” or “pass”.

My answer:

Horse riding, obviously! I haven’t been riding for more than half a year now myself because of my instructor not being available, my exams, skin infections and other adventures, but I like to learn more about it, even if I can’t ride. And I am very disciplined in this matter.

Which would you choose? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

    1. Yeah horse riding is definitely one of my biggest passions, along with horses in general. Iceskating! Have tried it in the past, with no luck but just of curiosity, it’s nothing for me for sure but I love anything to do with ice. 😀

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  1. Swimming! I love horseback riding too and do it once a week, but if I had the support available, I’d really love to go swimming again. Not competitively, mind you, but recreationally I love it.

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