Question of the day.

Would you ever go hunting?

My answer:

Nope, never. Apart from the fact that it would be hardly doable for me 😀 and people would rather assume I’m crazy, as well as that it’s far from the sphere from my interests, I just don’t get people who like hunting AT ALL. I have an uncle who loves hunting, and I know many people through him who love it, but I just don’t get it. Some say it’s a very sophisticated, aristocratic and “niche” hobby. Well, maybe for them, OK, everyone is entitled to have their opinion, after all. But for me it’s just so… I’d say primitive. What’s so fun about killing other beings and calling it “a sophisticated, upper-class hobby”? I wouldn’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings, so, if you think hunting is OK, or you yourself like it or do it, it’s your thing and your conscience’s, I’m not judging you or saying I don’t like you because I don’t accept hunting, it’s just my opinion about the activity itself. I am also not one of those people who are vegetarians because they can’t stand a thought about poor animals being killed just to provide a meet for cruel humans – one of the purposes of many animals’ existence is to serve us as food – but it doesn’t mean we are entitled or justified to be cruel to them or make them suffer needlessly. It just seems scary to me that anyone can think about it as a form of entertainment.

What’s your opinion? Would you go hunting? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. No, I wouldn’t. I don’t have a problem with people hunting for food, particularly when it’s traditional Indigenous hunts that respect and use the whole animal, but I think hunting for entertainment is wrong.

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  2. I am not a hunter but I would like to think if I needed to feed my family I could. I do believe that hunting for sport is wrong but hunting for food is good. It does control animal population and is far less cruel than the practices employed by factory farms where most of the meat produced and sold in U.S. comes from.

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