Question of the day.

Where do you shop for your groceries? Do you like food shopping, at all?

My answer:

Most often, one of my parents buy my groceries. They buy things for all of us and if I want anything particular then I just give them money and they get it for me when they go grocery shopping. Usually if my Dad is at home then he is doing grocery shopping. Because it seems like he likes it. We usually shop in our local shops, or in Lidl, or another chain of shops which is Polish and called Biedronka, which means Ladybug. Also I buy some food online from time to time, but it’s more like snacks or stuff that’s not available here in the area, or if I want to make a present for someone. I pretty often do online shopping in Tesco.

As for whether I like food shopping, I certainly like it more than clothes shopping. It’s not something I’d love, but I like it, unless it’s not too crowdy.

How about you? Do you like food shopping? 🙂

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