Muscle Amnesia

OMG it’s soooo much like me! I wouldn’t be able to count how often I’ve had this kind of thoughts.

Wistful Fern

I often wonder how people do all the things I see them doing. I look out my window everyday and see scatterings of people with somewhere to be. The woman walking with her distracted child is probably taking him to school, maybe she’ll clean up the house afterwards, or invite another mum friend over. The man sitting stiffly upright in the back of the bus could be on his way to an interview. The old lady driving her beat up Ford might have groceries to buy. I see these passerby’s smile, laugh even, and I wonder how they do it. Their movements are effortless, as if they’ve done this all before and they’ll do it again tomorrow. Like they don’t even have to think about it anymore, their bodies just leave the house, walk themselves to work, talk to people, all without doubting that that’s what they should be…

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