Music Monday Blog Party (11th-13th June, 2018) has ended

Every week Bee is making a Music Monday Blog Party at her blog and encourages us to celebrate our lives. Here’s what she has to say about her own celebrations. I absolutely love this post it’s so true!

🐝 The Bee Writes...

Another Music Monday Blog Party over and I want to thank Lauren and Emilia for celebrating with me. Their posts made me laugh, cry and enjoy some great music and I highly recommend to head over and see for yourself what’s on offer:

‘The Bee Writes’… Wonders – Sharing is Caring

Music Monday Blog Party – Fairport Convention – Fotheringay.

And besides enjoying my guests’ parties how have I celebrated?

Well, Tuesday morning I had another little tea party with some spiritual guests. There was a very delicious coffee with cocoa and spices and a couple of scones. I made it a point to celebrate my courage to leave a job, that I have come to really hate, without knowing where to go. I made it a

point to celebrate my strength as a young girl to survive utter hopelessness in very creative ways. Mostly I have labelled those ways…

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