Question of the day.

What’s the spiciest thing you’ve ever eaten?
My answer:
Hmmmm… the spiciest thing? That’s a tricky one… because I’ve eaten so many spicy things, I love spicy things, and sometimes people say they’re so spicy that they’re uneatable, but I like them. I really can’t recall something that would be so spicy that I just couldn’t eat it, would choke or have red eyes or something. And, if I’m honest, I’d like to eat something like this once to feel how it is. I don’t know what’s wrong, whether I am sorta too immune to spicy things or people around me are too sensitive, but it just needs to be very very spicy for others to affect me at all. I can’t say I like ANYTHING spicy, I think there should be more to a dish to like it then just that it’s spicy or salty or sweet, but I like the vast majority of spicy things. But… um… let’s think… recently we had tortilla and my mum got a very hot sauce to it, something starting with Z, it was just… heavenly, I just loved it so much, and yeah, it was spicy, my Mum couldn’t ieat it, Zofijka couldn’t, Olek didn’t even try, only me and my Dad could and it felt very hot, but I hope there are more spicy things in the world, if not, that’s a pity, because I believe it still could be more spicy and it could be even more heavenly, I believe there are spicier things haha. How about you? 🙂

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