Music Monday Blog Party – Emmelie De Forest – Hunting High And Low.

Hey guys! 🙂

Time for another Music Monday Blog Party

at the Bee’s and celebrating our lives and achievements.

Today is still pretty hot here, we haven’t had any rains or storms during the weekend, but at least it’s a bit more windy so you don’t feel the heat so badly. Today I’m celebrating my life with Misha, who is very sleepy and lethargic. I’m sipping ice coffee which is very yummy and very cold. I love ice coffee. Zofijka has made a sponge cake with jelly and whipped cream and strawberries before school, she had school pretty late today, and we all had a piece of it, it is so yummy. I love when Zofijka bakes something. It always tastes so zoficiously.

As for the piece of music, I have two for you today. It’s because it’s often so hard for me to decide, which version of the song I like more. And there are two versions of the same song I really like and would like to show you both. And I’m curious which one do you like more. Also it is a cover, so I’m curious whether you prefer the classic, original version, or this girl’s.

Emmelie De Forest is half Danish, half Swedish, and the song I want to show you comes from her newest album which came out this year. She took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013, representing Denmark with the song “Only Teardrops”. The song I want to show you is “Hunting High And Low” originally performed by A-ha. I am not crazy about the original version, it’s pretty popular, often on the radio, and such songs rarely are my favourites, but it has an interesting harmony so I can say I quite like it, but Emmelie’s version is just great.

The first one is from her Youtube channel and the next one is from the album.

6 thoughts on “Music Monday Blog Party – Emmelie De Forest – Hunting High And Low.”

  1. Hi Emilia, thanks so much for taking part, and congratulations for celebrating yourself and your achievements. I was a teenager the original version of “Hunting High and Low” came out, and I loved it. You don’t hear it often here in the UK, but I remember that it was often played in Germany when I was still there. Mind you, that’s more than 11 years ago now :-).

    I have to admit that I prefer Aha’s version but that’s probably just because I am a little sentimental :-). Emmelie de Forest has a beautiful voice and both her versions are interesting. You can imagine that I prefer the one she has done on her YouTube channel. But that’s just personal taste, I suspect. Oh dear…. it was such a long, long time ago… . Right, am getting back into the present and writing your shout-out post :-). Thanks again for taking part.

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    1. I can understand you feeling sentimental about this song definitely, I still listen to songs I loved as a teen just of sentiment, even though my taste has evolved a lot in recent years. We have quite a few radiostations playing so called oldies here and they seem to like this song a lot, and since my Mum listens to a lot of oldies I still hear it pretty regularly I can say. I also think Emmelie has a very beautiful voice.


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