Sweetie, I’m Sorry

This post just speaks to me so much, and I think very many of us can relate to it in a huge degree, even those of us like me who don’t have an eating disorder. Thank you for writing this, Lucy. 🙂


Your skin is too pale, too moley, too blemished.

Your face is too freckley, too spotty, too different.

Your legs are too veiny, too wobbly, too bumpy.

Your stomach is too fleshy, too rounded, too much.

Your eyes, squinty and uneven.

Your lips, thin.

Your teeth, crooked.

Your laugh, brash.

Your voice, common.

Your personality, irritating.

Ugly, fat, worthless.

Would you speak these words to a child? To your daughter, son, niece, nephew? To your younger self?


Then why do we accept this inner dialogue as we grow up? Do we do it in hope that ‘tough love’ will push us to fix all of these faults and flaws? That hateful words will somehow get us to change all the things we dislike about our body and appearance?

How did this young girl, full of love and happiness grow up to hate her body so fiercely? Starving herself, bingeing…

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