Question of the day.

You’re getting to build the house of your dreams, so…

Tell us a little about the design and style?

My answer:

Well one thing that’s for sure is that I would entrust the design and style stuff to my Mum. She is much better oriented in all that, plus it’s her passion and she’s really good at that although she’s not a professional designer or anything, but everyone who knows her and visited our house says she has a real gift. Plus our tastes are generally similar. I would like my house to combine old and new things, be slightly vintage, but have also some modern twist to it. I would like it to feel homely and cosy, so that I think I’d like to use some warmer colours in the kitchen and the living room, however my room would be rather in more calm and fresh tones. I would like it to feel natural –
as little artificial stuff as possible, lots of stone, brick and wooden twists. Well it’s countryside anyway so it’d have to fit in the landscape. I think I’d like a balcony there. Maybe like we have here, not very small, and you can go on the grass straight from it. And if I were to move there with my whole family, which is much more likely than just with Mum, although I don’t think my Dad would be glad, he prefers some warmer regions of the world, but anyway if I were to live there with my Dad too, I’d like to have a garden for him. Yes my Dad is into gardening. Not Mum, but Dad. Lots of people think it’s weird, and actually I think so too, but never mind, it’s his hobby and I’m glad he has his own hobby now, whatever it is. And I guess that’s all I could say about that at the moment, although if I had the possibility to build my own house of dreams, my wishlist would be probably longer and more precise.

What would your dream house look like?

4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

    1. Yes it’s important for me too. I really don’t like the current trend for designing houses – everything in greys or whites, lots of plastic and metal everywhere and everything looking so cold and impersonal – that seems very unfriendly for me and looks like the house is half dead. Well I’ve been to quite a few such houses and that’s how it feels to me anyway, so simple and cosy is definitely something that appeals to me.

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  1. My husband is always outside gardening and I am indoors, nothing wrong with that ๐Ÿ™‚ Our styles are similar, I like a mix of vintage and new as well as natural materials. I would also include lots of walkways and climbers built in for my 13 cats.

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    1. Oh yes I forgot about my poor Misha, I’d have lots of climbers and other stuff for him too, I’d maybe even make a separate room for him so that he would have his need for loneliness met. I like the mix of vintage and new styles in most things, from house design to clothes to music to even baby naming. That’s cool your husband likes gardening too. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s sure nothing wrong, just seems to be not a very common hobby for guys ’cause people are always surprised when they find out my Dad likes gardening. But it’s very useful, we have our own natural vegetables and fruit. ๐Ÿ™‚


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