Named after Grandma

TulipByAnyName writes about grandma names and some cool alternatives to honour them.
My Mum isn’t yet from the gramma generation, she was born in early 70’s, her name is Anna, which is an extremely popular name here for many generations, I’d say it is one of those universal ones, although nowadays is slowly going out of fashion. But I think that to honour my Mum, I could simply give my daughter the name Anna as a middle name. If I lived somewhere else I could also consider Anwen, Annabel(la), Aine, Anneli or just Anne, or maybe ANnelise. I could also think about something related to Grace, since Anna means grace. Maybe Gracelyn(n) or Graciela.
What is your mum’s name and what name would you give to your daughter to honour her?



The baby in this picture is so adorable but Grandma’s today are much more stylish and hip than the old-school Granny cliches! Grandma’s today are typically in their 50’s or 60’s so let’s look at some of the most popular names from that generation. I plucked names from 58 years ago in 1960, since most of these names held popularity for several years making them now Grandma-aged names!

Mary, a Hebrew name meaning bitter, was the Number 1 name in 1960 and today ranks and Number 126. Mary was a Top 10 name from 1900-1971 so chances are you have a Grandma, Great-Grandma, Aunt, or other female relative named Mary. My favorite modern Mary alternative is Maren. I love how familar yet unique Maren is. Maren has Latin roots meaning sea. There are probably 1,000 variations and diminutives of Mary, but a few I think make nice modern…

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8 thoughts on “Named after Grandma”

  1. My mom’s name is Deanne, which I don’t especially like. We both have the middle name Leia, which was my great-grandmother’s name, and I would use it for my daughter’s middle name as well.

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  2. I actually love my maternal grandma’s middle name. I would love to honor a baby with that name: Evelyn. I think it’s a gorgeous name, and it’s not too trendy but neither is it out of style, like, say, Prudence. What do you think?

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  3. Oh my I love Evelyn, both pronounced as eve-lyn and e-ve-lyn. It’s a beautiful vintage name, but this -lyn in the end gives it, in my opinion, a bit of a modern twist. I’m more of a traditional namer, but for some reason I really like most of -lyn names. But as for popularity, well if you’re fro US, I wouldn’t say it isn’t trendy. According to the stats from last year it’s #9 in the top 1000. In other English-speaking countries though I think it isn’t as trendy as there. And even if it is, you can still use Evelina as an alternative if you like it too. I absolutely love Evelina, and Evelin. There is also similarly sounding Evangeline which in my opinion is also worth consideration if you like Evelyn. Or Evangelyn, if you’re bold, although I personally would rather stick to Evangeline, despite my liking for -lyn names.

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      1. I like it a lot too. Well as a middle name is extremely popular from what I know, but that’s no wonder for me since it goes well with almost every first name you can imagine. If I would have a daughter though and Elizabeth had to be one of her names, I’d rather give it to her as a first name, than middle. It is classic, feminine yet strong, can have absolutely tons of nicknames, other forms and forms in other languages, and is just so timeless and simply beautiful. I also like the fact it is a Biblical name and it’s meaning “God is my oath/promise”.

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