Hannelore Bedert – “Vanaf Nu Doe Ik Alles Wat Ik Wil” (From Now On I Do Everything I Want).

Hi guys! 🙂

As you may or may not remember, one of my favourite languages, that I one day intend to learn, is Dutch. There was a long time in my life when I actually didn’t like this language at all, but has changed as soon as Cornelis Vreeswijk has become one of my music crushes and I realised that I absolutely love the rawness of this language and, as with all my languages, there is something about I love but it’s hard to describe. When I love a language, I usually want to be in touch with it as much as possible, no matter whetheR i learn it, can speak it, or only plan to do it in future. I just want my bond with this language to increase and build up in any possible way. However, with some languages, finding music that really speaks to me (or sometimes finding any music at all online) can be a bit difficult. For example, my collection of Cornish music is very very very poor, so is with Manx, Faroese (actually only Eivor Palsdóttir), Frisian and, quite surprisingly, Dutch. After all, Dutch isn’t a majority language. I have quite a lot of my favourite Dutch artists or bands, but they usually sing almost entirely in English. And, in my opinion, although I love English to pieces, it’s very sad. I’ve searched through a lot of Dutch music, but so far my own collection of Dutch language music that I feel connected to in some way, isn’t as impressive as even in Sami. Is it about me, my poor abilities in research, or about too many people making music in English? I wonder.

I prefer Dutch from Netherlands over Flemish, which for some reason many people find surprising, but paradoxically I’ve found more Flemish music that I love so far.

It’s in a big part thanks to my Belgian pen pal, who showed me quite a lot of Flemish music and introduced me to it.

And one of the artists he showed me is my particular favourite and this is Hannelore Bedert. There is something about her music that speaks to me. THanks to my pen pal, I’ve also become familiar with some of her lyrics, and they seem, hm, very moving, kinda bittersweet maybe, I’d say. I don’t know the lyrics to the sonG i wanna show you, but I don’t mind, I stitll like it.

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