Question of the day.

I have a terrible habit of…
My answer:
…biting/nibbling my nails. I’ve been struggling with it as long as I can remember and nothing seems to make me unlearn it. When I have something stressful ahead, or something stressful that just passed, and I’m alone and don’t have anything constructive to do, I usually end up devastating my nails. It’s something that I usually do while overthinking and overanalysing stuff, it can really help you to quickly fall deeper and deeper in the abysses of your brain. SOmetimes I also do it when I have to focus on something or make up something. Therefore I very rarely have manicure, because well bitten nails with manicure look gross. I thought it might help me to stay motivated and not bite and nibble them, but it doesn’t really help. Therefore I only tend to have pedicure. What terrible habit do you have?

7 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Anothr terrible nail biter here. I thought too that getting my nails polished would help me avoid nail-biting but it doesn’t.

    In addition to nail biting, hair twirling is a habit of mine. My parents and the person who diagnosed me with Asperger’s in 2007 said it’s a bad social hindrance and I really need to unlearn it. Well, let me tell you I have different priorities.

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    1. I get it. I think if you are a valuable person, which you certainly are, and if you can make people notice it, that’s what’s most important. If they will appreciate you as you are, social hindrances will be less of an issue than they may seem. It’s still good to unlearn them, but it’s much easier said than done and I’m saying it as someone who had dealt with various things like that, which I’ve mostly overcome now though, but still, it was hard and what has mostly helped me was the time.


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