Does anyone remember me yet? :/


It’s Misha. Does anyone remember me? Did anyone miss me? I know I haven’t talked to you in ages, but it’s not my fault. It’s Mila’s. There’s been so much I wanted to tell you, but she was busy all the time and very selfish and didn’t let me write anything for sooo long. And I am afraid no one will remember me now.

But now Mila says she will have time to write for me so I hope she will do it. I really missed you all.

Has anything interesting or funny happened to you during my absence? Please tell me about it. There have been lots of things happening to me, but I sleep so much lately that I forget everything quickly and my Mishbrain gets a hard reset every so often.

My main trouble is still that they don’t let me out. Sometimes they let me, but only on a leash. I was out on my own for a tiny little while a few times but then peoples were always so mad at me. and when I am in the house they’re mad at me too. Because I’m meowing and crying all the time when I see the sun. I just want to be out on my own. I’ve heard that many cats can just go around on their own and go out or in the house as they want. I want it too. I told Zofijka about it, but Zofijka said I am an aristocrat and aristocrats can’t do such things. I don’t want to be aristocrat. I want to go out and run, fight with other cats, catch birds and other animals and eat them, have a girlfriend, wallow in smelly things, feel the taste of things in the bins, have someone to play and argue with. Being a Russian tsar is boring. But no one listens to me either way. When it’s not sunny I forget about the other world and it’s good and then I’m glad I have my yummy sauces, comfy pillows, lots of snacks, chicken breasts, can lounge on the beds, don’t have to share anything with anyone. So actually I don’t know what I want. Mum says that’s puberty for me and that it’ll pass, but I don’t even know if I want it to pass, I want my freedom, and I want to stay comfy.

You know what I’ve heard recently? Mum and Mila talked that I will get a new toy. And it will be a very exceptional toy. I still don’t know what it will be and when I will get it, but I want to have it now. I can’t wait to see it. I am so bored.

Any peoples or animals want to talk to me? I’m so bored and lonely. What have you been up to?

Mishest regards and Mishhugs.


12 thoughts on “Does anyone remember me yet? :/”

  1. Welcome back Misha! Mama’s been cutting down on our fresh veggies lately, which we’re not impressed with. I still like to run and play even though I’m not really a baby any more, and sometimes my sisters get a bit annoyed when I try to get them to play chase with me. Mama has taken me outside a few times to play in the grass, but I’m kind of scared of the world outside. I’d rather be at home in my comfy cozy cage.
    Casper the guinea pig

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    1. Hi Casper!
      We both sound very similar, I am not a baby anymore either, I am adult since quite a while, but I am still very playful, curious and lively as a little kitty, and everyone treats me like a baby and wants me to be like a baby. That’s sometimes annoying, but I got used to it.
      I like to be outside, but at the same time it also scares me and I just never know what I want. I think it would be different if I had another animal to keep me company and play with me, you’re lucky that you have siblings. I have a lot of siblings too, but we don’t live together of course, I do’t even remember them now.

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  2. hi misha! its me, nitro! how are you? I didn’t forget you, I couldn’t! never! I whined at mom to let me out this morning at 7 AM. she wasn’t impressed not one bit. she did get up though to let me out, and then she fed me, she even gave me some pineapple! yummy! nice that you wrote again!

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    1. Hi hi hi Nitro! awwh I’m happy I’m so unforgettable. It’s so nice to hear from you again. I am also meowing at Mila every morning to let me out, not of the house but of her room. We always sleep together and I wake her up every morning to let me out, and she’s not impressed either, but she has no choice if she wants to sleep with me, right? You like pineapples?! I wouldn’t eat it, it smells yucky. But I had some chips recently. Nothing impressive, but I liked them and everyone was shocked. I will try to write more now, at least if Mila lets me.

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