Valancy, Jane, Marigold, and Pat

This is quite an old post, but I’ve just discovered it and thought I’d share it with you, since as you may know Lucy Maud Montgomery is my all time favourite author.
This is Christine’s review of the lesser known Montgomery’s books and her thoughts about less famous L. M. M.’s heroines. It is interesting to hear someone else’s point of view. 🙂

In this Ordinary Time

My Lucy Maud Montgomery reading project has continued into the fall, and I am close to the end of it, with only one book left to go (out of all the LMM novels & short story collections available to me though my local public library system). One of the most interesting parts of this endeavour, to me, is encountering LMM’s lesser-known heroines, and seeing how they compare and contrast with her most famous protagonist, Anne Shirley (later Blythe). I briefly touched on Emily Starr and her trilogy in my reading round-up post for August; here are four more I have encountered this month.

Valancy Stirling, of The Blue Castle, has shot straight to the top of my list of favourite Montgomery heroines, and the book she comes from may also be my favourite so far. We first meet Valancy as a single 29-year-old (a hopeless old maid…

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