Question of the day.

Pick one:

a) I often read/watch the news and keep up with politics.

b) I sometimes bother with that stuff.

c) I very rarely bother with that stuff.

d) Ugh! Get it away from me.

e) Other – pls expand.

My answer:

I’d say something between A and B, because although I am not crazy about the news and watching them or reading them isn’t a part of my daily routine or anything, but still we talk a lot of politics at my home and I try to keep up with politics and don’t think about it as “bothering myself” with it, because I think that it’s something that regards all of us and we are responsible for how our countries/the world is ruled and who does it on our behalf and should be at least minimally involved in it.

I may not be up to date with everything or have a formed opinion on every political affair, but I don’t avoid this topic like hell as some people do, and I sometimes like having conversations with people on that, as long as they can express their views politely and as long as I can do it not being driven crazy by them only repeating what others say or being actually ignorant. 😛

I usually read the news online as I think that the Internet is very often most objective as it’s not owned by anyone with speciffic views who would impose them to those who write there. There might be of course news that are not authentic or not verified, therefore, especially if something interests me more, I usually try to verify the information on other websites.

I also listen to the news in our public radio, which is pretty objective too in most cases, and I like to compare them sometimes with what they say in Sveriges Radio or BBC, or anywhere else I can understand, my Mum, who is much more interested in politics, is always jealous that I can do it, as she is a monoglot. 😀

Sometimes I also watch or read the news somewhere that I know they have completely different opinions than me, just to know what they’re thinking, to make laugh of it and sometimes to simply feel pissed off. 😀 I usually do it with my Mum. 😀

How about your habits in this field? 🙂

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