Song of the day (9th May) – Cerys Matthews – Carolina.

Hi people! šŸ™‚

Yeah I’m still here, came back from the second round of exams on Tuesday evening and had to settle a bit, but I’m back, at least until 15th, but anyway…

Recently I shared with you a song by the popular Welsh band called Catatonia and I mentioned I’m going to share with you some solo work of Cerys Mattews, their vocalist, and here’s one of the songs by her I want to show you. They’ll be all in Welsh, I guess because of Catatonia being so popular lots of people have heard at least one of their songs, which are almost all in English, so I decided that Cerys’ songs that I’ll show you will be all i Welsh. To show you something different and to stick to what people say about me, that I listen to “niche” music.

So today’s song is called “Carolina”. As a regular BBC Radio Cymru listener I have noticed they must really like this song there ’cause they play it pretty often, but maybe it’s just because of Matthews’ general popularity over there in Wales. The video has the lyrics, which are as cool as the song imo. I hope you’ll enjoy. šŸ™‚

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