Question of the day.

Is there anything you’d like to tell me, or any question you want to ask me?

I’m gonna tell you guys things that I want to tell you at the moment.

My answer:

Hmmm, there could be a lot of things I could tell you, my lovely readers. First of all I’d like to thank you once again for the fact you are here, reading all of my scribbles and for all your likes and comments. I am thankful for all of you – those already 103 followers (yippeee!!!! thanks) and those of you who don’t follow me but still read my blog more or less often. And I am thankful for each one of you separately, all of your reading, likes, comments and follows, that means so much to me. You probably already know that I had a few other blogs before this one, they were much more humble, I even had one Polish blog on WordPress, but I’ve never got so many followers and I could only dream about so many comments and likes, it was in a big part due to my very poor idea as for how to promote myself and that although there are many blogs on Polish blogs, interactions on them are, usually, fairly poor. SO when I came here to the English language WordPress community, I felt shocked immediately, since I was getting likes actually immediately after I published my first post, and it was something I absolutely wouldn’t expect after my experiences with Drimolandia (that was how my previous blog was called). So yeah I’m so thankful for all of you.

What else can I tell you, I think I can tell you a bit about my day. So again, unfortunately, it is a Zombie day. Ughhhh. For those of you who may not know, Zombie day is how I call every day after a night of no sleep. ‘Cause well you literally feel and perceive the world a bit like a Zombie then, don’t you? I hate it so much, but not much I can do about it. It’s after 9 AM now and as for now I feel pretty decent and not sleepy at all, but I know that if I want to keep it this way or at least similarly I’d soon have to help myself with a coffee or two. In my case catching up on sleep during the day isn’t a good option and I do it only when I’m so exhausted that my brain falls into pieces and can’t function anymore because it doesn’t help my sleep cycle to settle and most probably I’d have another night of poor sleep ahead. So I’ll just have to get through it and then go to sleep possibly early hoping my sleep cycle will set up properly at least for a while. Shit I wonder what I’ll do if one of the days when I’ll have my finals will be a Zombie day. That would be a nightmare, but I guess that since I can’t do much about it, I shouldn’t think too much about it as it won’t help. So during that sleepless night I was reading a very interesting book, in Swedish. Almost half a year has passed since the last time I read a book in Swedish, so decided it is definitely a time to change it, and this book seemed so cool. It’s called “Konsten Att Vara Ela” (The art of being Ela) and it’s written by Johanna Nilsson. It’s kinda psychological novel about a girl, or actually a woman, who is very lost in her life, her family has fall apart and she can’t accept it, she isn’t really a grown up and she doesn’t want to be, she wants to be crazy, wild and free and so she’s criticised by her family. She generally feels very lonely, but then she finds a little, neglected girl called Klara whose mum is a druggie and homeless and can’t take care of Klara So Ela takes care of her. And she generally starts to change. Don’t know where it all is going yet, as I’m still in the middle, but it’s very interesting. My Mum woke up very early so I gave up on trying to get at least some little bit sleep in the morning and got up to, it was like 6. We talked about Zofijka’s school. Mum always talks to me about all her issues, that’s nice, well I mean I appreciate it because I guess it has to mean she trusts me, but she also almost always asks me for advice, and this time it was so too. Zofijka’s having lots of trouble at school, with her friends, and Mum doesn’t know what to do about it and how to be objective. The problem is I don’t know either, as I am not a children specialist and don’t plan to be one ever, so I just told her to go with her instinct and she was like oh wow yes you’re right I’ll do so thank you! like I said something extremely original and completely new, which made me kinda confused. 😀 But maybe that’s how it feels for her and if so, I’m glad I could help her. Then also Zofijka came and we all talked about it. She’s so poor, I really feel for her for all these stupid school affairs she’d been thrown in. That’s very complicated plus it’s her thing so I won’t go in the details here, I’ll simply tell you that it is a classic school issue. Because she’s different, has a different view on lots of things, because we as a family are different so she has a slightly different upbringing or way of life or call it what you want and a little different outlook on some things than all of those so very typical kids in her class, she’s now not liked in her class apparently by anyone. And she’s actually alone. It is a big deal for such a social butterfly who is made for and get used to be always in the limelight. And it’s hard to be wise in such situation, you know. Because she also isn’t a docile angel, and can be very moody, bossy, egocentric and stuff, so as we suppose, part of the guilt for why they don’t like her is on her side too. Zofijka was so stressed out that she didn’t even go to school yesterday, Mum actually drove her, but as she got out of the car she started to cry desperately and keep saying she doesn’t want to go to school, so Mum let her stay, if things are so very stressful, one day shouldn’t make much of a change. Today she did go to school though and on her own and I really hope things will be improving. There are always some kind of affairs in Zofijka’s class and somehow she s always involved in them, don’t really know if by her own choice or accidentally and don’t know what to think about it. Now there are only Mum and me and Misha inand I think I’ll soon have that coffee.

And the question I want to ask you, other than the main one is, what do you like the most on my blog?

So yeah, very curious as for your answers for both these questions.

6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I like how interactive your blog is – it always feels like a conversation.
    And as for a question for you, when you’re thinking to yourself about something, are your thoughts all in your first language, or do your other languages jump in as well?

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    1. Thanks, I always try to be as much responsive and interactive as possible, so that this blog would really feel for people like it’s living and that everyone’s heard, plus I like having interesting conversations with people. 😀
      Hahahah, that’s a funny question. I was also wondering how it is with multilingual people before I myself became really bilingual and could experience it myself. Since I am not really fluent in any other language than Polish, and since Polish is my main language in which I communicate, well at least while talking, and living still in Poland I’m mainly immersed in Polish, my dominant language in thinking is Polish, but yeah, not only. Now, as I blog in English, have much more English-speaking online friends from different communities than Polish-speaking ones at the moment, write a lot in my diary in English, learn Welsh through English, recently, like maybe since half a year, not much longer, I’ve noticed that I am thinking in English more and more, and for longer periods of time, ’cause previously if I did think in ENglish it was usually like single thoughts or even just words, usually when my brain was kinda linguistically overloaded. 😀 I realised that, because I’m much more open about my feelings, mental health struggles and such things, English is becoming something like my emotions language. 😀 e.g. I realised that it’s much easier and natural for me to write about my feelings in English now, even if I sometimes don’t know how to describe things. I also always think entirely in English when I write something in English. It also happens to me nowadays, which still surprises me, that I start to think about something in Polish, and end up in English and don’t know how and when I switched languages. 😀 That’s soo weird, but funny. Or recently I had a situation when I was writing an entry in my diary in Polish, had to stop for a while to do some other things and then came back to it and finished it… in English! What’s the funniest about that imo is that I closed the file and left it, and it was the next day I realised what I did completely involuntarily and almost like even subconsciously. 😀 Well I love my brain.
      Now I also think a lot in Welsh, because the course I’m doing is incredibly intensive and every single challenge leaves my brain spinning, but I absorb the words and phrases really quickly. Sometimes I make myself longer sessions with a few challenges a day, and my brain is always so tired a while afterwards that sometimes I just don’t know in which language I am thinking. 😀 Or I’m thinking in English, but throwing in some Welsh words or phrases or short sentences that I familiarised with at the course. I think once my vocabulary will expand a bit more, I’ll be able to think in Welsh a lot and have quite interesting musings. 😀
      With Swedish I usually have to focus if I want to think in it on purpose, unless I’m writing something in Swedish, or just doing anything else with the language, or I tend to think a lot and a bit chaotically in Swedish before I fall asleep if I did a lot with it during the day. I also somehow like to switch to Swedish if I am particularly happy about something.
      I just can’t wait to see how it all will look as I’ll learn more languages. 😀 Hope that gives you some idea.

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  2. I like the conversational nature of your blog. There are some who blog about their lives and it’s not engaging. But there’s something about your writing that draws in the reader. Thanks for sharing!

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